"It only takes three seconds to make a purchase decision, so no detail can be left to chance in the creation of packaging. It is the physical bond between consumer and brand. Nothing less."

- Pénélope Fournier, Partner and Executive Director, Montréal

As 80% of purchase decisions are made in-store, we’re in a constant battle to attract attention. To create desire. To inspire the consumer to take action. With precision, creativity and strategic insight, lg2 uses packaging design to win the battle for our brands at the point of sale.

At its simplest, design is an equation involving emotion, idea and experience, the sum of which creates a strong connection between brands and people. Over time, this is how powerful brands are built. And for many companies, the most important connection tool in their arsenal is packaging.

With the largest design team in Canada, lg2 creates compelling and innovative packaging that quickly captures the consumer’s attention. More importantly, it drives purchase decisions and fosters long-term consumer loyalty. Every packaging project we work on must embody the brand’s DNA, create impact at point-of-sale, stimulate interest and curiosity, facilitate decision making, clarify the product offering, and ultimately inspire purchase.  And with thousands of packaging designs developed over the years, we understand the importance of packaging as a key driver of business growth.

Our creative approach draws on our own expertise as well as our clients’. By involving our clients at every phase of the process, from strategy to creative, we ensure a relevant and distinctive final product that reflects the expertise of all stakeholders. This unique process, refined over more than 10 years, fosters a transparent and collaborative approach with multiple opportunities for exchange. This in turn facilitates the strongest possible implementation of the design.

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Expertise and services

  • Having created or updated the packaging for more than a thousand products, this vital expertise represents a powerful strategic lever for our clients.
  • Packaging strategy includes the development of brand positioning, product portfolio segmentation and information hierarchy analysis.
  • Our team of strategists, advisors and creatives has a collective mission to act as the guardian of the brands we work for, ensuring results every time. Our expertise also ensures consistency between packaging and the other aspects of the brand.
  • Packaging design includes the creation and updating of packaging design, its application through various product lines and SKUs, legal support and the production of branding guidelines.

1 entrepreneur + 1 entrepreneur

lg2 is the story of two entrepreneurs. Sylvain Labarre (the “L”) and Paul Gauthier (the “G”). The two of them, along with Gilles Chouinard, started to build a small agency with big ambitions. More than 25 years later, with over 250 talented employees and thousands of awards for some of the most innovative and well-known brands in the world, the founders’ relentless focus on their people and their product remains just as strong. And their bold ways have since been successfully passed on to over 20 new entrepreneurs, who work just as tirelessly to preserve our independence and creatively driven business model.

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