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Digital Experience

Everything is online. Even if it’s offline.

The Digital Experience group at lg2 consists of 60+ specialists that influence every step of a consumer’s brand experience, from UX to UI to dev and beyond. Our digital team is the (electric) engine that focuses our Communications, Design, Architecture, Production, Data, Content and Strategy talent around a single-minded goal: creating culturally relevant brand experiences. Digital Experience no longer means web-based tech because the consumer no longer feels a difference between online and offline. Especially when (and how) they engage with brands.

Favreau Louis Philippe 2022 Intranet

In our day-to-day, the biggest and best ideas usually come during our iterative thinking and prototyping phase. Our collaborative process allows us to rapidly test, improve and measure the success of our projects.

Louis-Philippe Favreau

Partner and VP, Technology and Operations, Digital Experience

Turning pain points into opportunities

What differentiates our studio is how we combine our strategic expertise and data-driven insights with our design talent and obsession with craft. Before we begin any project we map out a thorough profile of the user, their cultural context and relevant pain points. This ensures that we create relevant, useful (and profitable) digital solutions for our clients. Our design expertise then turns great ideas into irresistibly engaging experiences. Whether it’s an immersive physical experience, a mobile app, an e-comm platform, an interactive installation or something that we haven’t even invented yet; design does more than add polish, it cements a brand in the user’s memory.

A digital product for memorable experiences

Brands are having to transform their interactions with consumers at an ever-quicker pace. With the digital product in constant evolution, our approach to delivering a high-quality product in such a dynamic context rests on three actions: (1) Build a team of great talents, who stay with us month after month. (2) Attract multidisciplinary leaders who aren’t afraid to learn from others. You won’t find silos here, just networks; UX includes UI, UI includes dev. (3) Always keep in mind that we create with purpose, not for decoration. This mix produces memorable experiences that get results, contributing to our clients’ – and therefore our own team’s – success. It also means our talents are constantly learning and evolving in step.

A unique creative technology process

Detailed project management and workflow efficiency is our secret weapon for producing great work. We’ve made our creative process as seamless as possible, removing silos, creating a technology agnostic philosophy and informalizing collaboration throughout the project timeline to maximize performance and deliver connected brand experiences that kick ass and change consumers‘ daily lives.

  • Web experiences: From simple B2B sites to fully immersive online consumer experiences, we are constantly pushing the envelope to create more engaging, useful and memorable destinations.
  • E-commerce platforms: With expertise in everything from large-scale sites on complex platforms (hello, EpiServer) to smaller scale projects on Shopify or Craft Commerce, our focus on conversion means our e-comm credentials are gold.
  • Customer path and experience: Our extensive CX and Service Design experience helps us craft seamless customer journeys and user flows based on field-collected data, ultimately leading to fully holistic brand experiences rather than just lonely digital islands.
  • Interactive experiences: Interactive physical experiences that immerse the user in the brand’s universe are increasingly effective at delivering ROI and positively impacting large-scale brand metrics. We go beyond the screen, working with projection, wearables, responsive objects, interactive architecture, VR, AR, AI and voice to surprise and delight users and create brand evangelists.
  • Mobile applications: We deliver end-to-end conception, design and deployment of iOS and Android mobile apps. We also analyze performance, pivot, tweak and optimize because mobile app success depends just as much on what happens after launch as before.
  • Research and development: Our R&D team always arrives way before the early adopters to test new tech and develop new expertises that can be applied to our client’s business.