“With content, you need to take the time to plan, in order to be nimble.”

- Marc Fortin, Partner, Vice-President, Executive Creative Director – Montreal

Brands should only tell stories that people want to hear. Our content team creates, produces and deploys content in a multitude of formats and channels that keep brands current, more culturally relevant and more closely connected to their communities.

Every brand wants to get their consumer’s attention. But with media fragmentation at an all-time high, advertisers have to compete fiercely for every set of eyeballs, across every screen, at every second. Given this, creating content that entertains, educates and connects is essential to attracting and inspiring brand loyalty. Compelling content reinforces the brand’s promise on a daily basis, and accompanies the consumer on every step of their journey. Creating a digital footprint that’s both vibrant and enduring. In short, great content helps brands stay current, more culturally relevant and more closely connected to their surroundings.

At lg2, we understand the power of a good story. And we also understand why brands make content marketing a priority: Interruptive marketing is becoming less and less efficient. Instead, people are turning to content that they actually want to read, watch or listen to. That being said, almost two-thirds of marketers admit to not having a clear content strategy for their brands. 

That’s why our specialists – with their media and editorial backgrounds – help brands develop strategies that are aligned with their business objectives, their customers’ interests and the cultural context in which they operate. They create, produce and deploy content in a wide variety of formats.. This includes publishing, promoting and optimizing content in a multitude of social and interpersonal channels. It’s also why they moderate and engage in conversations with numerous communities, all while respecting a brand’s unique tone and personality.

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Expertise and services

  • We analyze brand and industry conversations to measure key brand metrics including engagement and appreciation.
  • We define clear, measurable objectives and guiding principles that are based on best social practices for both inbound and SEO.
  • We help our clients develop a clear vision and an organizational culture around content that goes beyond governance.
  • We determine the themes, messages and formats that will allow brands to break through and tell their story.
  • We determine the social, web and interpersonal channels that will best reach and attract the target audience.
  • We identify the key influencers, communities and stakeholders that can contribute to the creation, distribution or promotion of branded content.
  • We orchestrate the deployment of social media initiatives and establish real-time creative content war rooms with our clients.
  • We define the brand’s voice, personality, tone and digital behaviour.
  • We develop editorial calendars that accompany and engage consumers throughout their journey.
  • We use our in-house studio and streamlined creative process to allow us to go from concept to newsfeed quickly.
  • We work with a variety of influencers and partners in electronic production and specialized copywriting to round out our in-house resources.
  • We amplify content through highly targeted, high-performance media placement.
  • We train and support our clients’ teams to make sure that every strategy we come up with is understood clearly, and well executed.
  • We host communities to help make brands come to life through every interaction.
  • We use industry leading tool and techniques to continuously analyze content performance, including machine learning.

1 entrepreneur + 1 entrepreneur

lg2 is the story of two entrepreneurs. Sylvain Labarre (the “L”) and Paul Gauthier (the “G”). The two of them, along with Gilles Chouinard, started to build a small agency with big ambitions. More than 25 years later, with over 250 talented employees and thousands of awards for some of the most innovative and well-known brands in the world, the founders’ relentless focus on their people and their product remains just as strong. And their bold ways have since been successfully passed on to over 20 new entrepreneurs, who work just as tirelessly to preserve our independence and creatively driven business model.

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