“Architecture enables brands to express themselves intelligently within a physical space, stimulating meaningful customer experiences.”

- Claude Auchu, Partner, CEO

lg2 creates unique experiences. Enabling brand expression through a physical space means calling on all five senses in order to bring it to life. 

lg2 creates unique experiences. Making brands shine in a physical space means calling on all five senses in order to give it life. The environment we build can help tell a brand’s story. At lg2, we make the consumer the focal point at every stage of the creative process. Embracing all aspects of a physical location, design and technological innovation is critical to immersing them in the brand’s universe. A well-conceived architectural experience will create brand preference and generate loyalty. 

In order to give every visitor an unforgettable moment, an architectural experience must be frictionless: easy to understand and easy to navigate. Experiential design makes it possible to build a user path according to clear objectives and the principles of interaction that are unique to the target market. This makes it possible to map out the desired behaviours and emotional response from the collected data. 

Every design choice reflects the brand’s positioning and its personality: the structure, the lighting, the acoustics, the furniture, the signage and the use of colours, materials and textures. Using permanent or temporary commercial spaces, interactive outdoor installations, pop-up stores, connected store windows, event activations, signage and staging, lg2 ensures brand differentiation in a physical space.

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Expertise and services

  • The architecture team offers turnkey support at every stage of a project including: strategy, concept development, construction planning, project management and worksite monitoring.
  • Architects and designers are joined by a multidisciplinary team of strategists, client experience specialists and, of course, a few highly talented tech geeks (developers and technologists).
  • In addition to the architecture and technology integrated into the physical space, our services also include interior design (consumer retail, restaurants, kiosks, exhibits, head offices).
  • Our architectural experiences leverage all that lg2 has to offer: innovation, strategy, brand identity, design and packaging, digital experiences, content and advertising.

1 entrepreneur + 1 entrepreneur

lg2 is the story of two entrepreneurs. Sylvain Labarre (the “L”) and Paul Gauthier (the “G”). The two of them, along with Gilles Chouinard, started to build a small agency with big ambitions. More than 25 years later, with over 250 talented employees and thousands of awards for some of the most innovative and well-known brands in the world, the founders’ relentless focus on their people and their product remains just as strong. And their bold ways have since been successfully passed on to over 20 new entrepreneurs, who work just as tirelessly to preserve our independence and creatively driven business model.

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