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Annette, the next big dill in Rosemont

“At first, we wanted to create a functional, versatile wine bar. LG2 Architecture not only supported our vision, they added an entire aesthetic dimension that exceeded our expectations.”

Marc-André Jetté and Mila Rishkova

Co-owners, Annette wine bar, Hoogan et Beaufort

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Hoogan et Beaufort has been making delectable contributions to the Montreal culinary scene since 2015 with their eponymous restaurant, catering service and Édouard et Léo butcher shops.

Chef-owners Marc-André and Mila wanted to expand by adding a performance bar blending functionality and refinement.

The result was Annette wine bar, a collaborative venture between the culinary pair and LG2. The team’s combined expertise shaped a delicate, botanical brand identity, evidenced in the architectural and visual signature of the new venue. And it all worked together to create an elegant space for sharing unforgettable experiences.

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A multi-faceted name

The name Annette was chosen to reflect the new space’s elegance and the finesse of its execution. And it’s a nod to co-owner Mila’s Ukrainian roots and the fresh dill – aneth in French – that infuses the country’s traditional dishes.

The 100-seat wine bar is enveloped in various shades of green to create a verdant, garden-like setting. Jade-veined marble complements deep olive walls. Soft green felt benches accent forest green corrugated iron, while the abundant foliage echoes cocktails infused with fresh herbs.

The space has been designed for multiple configurations. Part bar, part performance space, part private tasting room, the custom-made furniture ensures comfort in a myriad of seating arrangements.

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A feminine touch

The brand identity evokes Annette’s femininity, a duality of strength and delicacy reflected in the curvaceous furniture and twinkling textured glass. These curves are echoed in the logo, signage and stamps.

Artwork highlights the wine bar’s savoir-faire and authenticity and graces the website: various icons facilitate navigation and photos and illustrations encourage discovery.

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Annette Toilette


Annette Wine Bar is the latest project from entrepreneur-restaurateurs Marc-André Jetté and Mila Rishkova. It's a wine bar offering a vast selection of carefully selected wines, cocktails, and dishes made from local produce. The venue holds many types of events, including wine tastings, gourmet meals, and live music. Annette joins the Hoogan & Beaufort family in Montréal, which brings together one of the best restaurants (Hoogan & Beaufort), one of the best caterers (Hoogan & Beaufort Événement), and one of the best butchers (Édouard & Léo) in the city.