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New Look’s new vision for its in-store experience

“With LG2, the goal was to create an experience that would redefine eyewear shopping by developing a journey that integrates the latest technologies to offer customers a simplified, personalized experience.”

Jean-Michel Maltais, MBA

Senior Vice-President, Omnichannel, New Look Vision Group

A Canadian leader in optometry for decades, New Look is known for the quality of its products and innovative spirit. 

Facing growing consumer expectations and wishing to deliver an experience that reinforced its reputation, New Look turned to LG2 Architecture to design a new generation of stores. The entire range of LG2’s brand experience expertise was called upon for a deep dive into consumer behaviour that helped bring this innovative project to life.

The result is a space that perfectly expresses New Look’s culture of smart design and style.

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Technology simplifies the selection process

New zones integrate the latest technology to personalize the customer’s purchase experience of lenses and frames.

The lens gallery, dominated by a large touch screen, educates customers on the difference between each lens. Powered by interactive content developed by LG2, it helps customers to fully understand their options and simplify their purchase decision.

Using the unique Topology technology, a biometric 3D scan of the face, customers can go beyond the limited number of models available in-store and virtually try on eyewear from the entire New Look inventory.

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A clearer customer journey

The new generation of New Look stores brings the field of optometry into sharp focus. LG2’s customer experience (CX) team redid the entire customer journey to highlight the meticulous work behind the products and expert service while allowing customers to move around in an intuitive manner.

The interior design was completely redone to improve the presentation of the glasses while reducing in-store inventory at the same time. Custom-made displays arranged around the periphery showcase the frames in a clean, modular arrangement so that customers can see all the available models at a glance. Opticians can now better guide their customers through the selection of their glasses.

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A focus on expertise

The final fitting is the highlight of the experience.

An elegant lounge where opticians can deliver and fit eyewear is at the heart of the new store experience. Adjustable seating is placed on each side so that the optician can offer a personalized fitting to each customer in the comfort of a separate fitting space.

Oak walls envelop this cozy area, where eyewear labelled with the customer’s name is displayed like works of art along a glass wall. This distinctive architectural element allows customers to drop off and pick up their orders in the blink of an eye while employees, for their part, easily manage orders on the other side.  

Careful thought also went into the store’s lighting. A huge branded light hangs over the consultation tables. And the zone reserved for eye exams is bathed in a soft blue light that is gentle on the dilated pupils of customers. 

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The New Look banner has been offering its expertise in high-quality eyewear since 1986, now delivering complex state-of-the-art eye care in all simplicity in 87 stores throughout Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Visionary by design and committed to innovative and sustainable practices, New Look is the first company in its sector to be certified eco-responsible by the Council of sustainable industries. The banner’s passionate and dedicated team of more than 400 optometrists and opticians promotes quality eye care services that continuously adapt to customer and marketplace needs while incorporating technological developments.