Specific expertises. Integrated experiences.

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Creating integrated brand experiences requires a holistic service offering. That means specific expertise that evolves as quickly as the world around us, and experts that know how to work together.

And by “together” we don’t just mean desks in an open-plan office. Together means people who understand each other, influence each other and challenge each other in order to seize every available opportunity. Together means optimizing our complementary skills and believing in the power of collective intelligence to consistently deliver the illuminating shock of the new. We’re at our best when we’re working as an extension of our clients’ teams, in partnership with the best collaborators, drawing the most out of each individual’s expertise.

Every day, our actions are guided by our ability to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. Yet our obsession with deriving insights from our deep understanding of consumers is also supported by data. Because without data, we’re just one more person with an opinion. Our unique combination of wide expertise paired with passion equips our team with the means to achieve your ambitions – and the ambition to create new ones.

  • Strategy

    We believe that the most effective brand strategies are directly linked to the effectiveness of the collaboration behind them. Our transparency and desire to integrate expertise from outside our own individual areas of knowledge means that our strategy department excels at collaboration before we excel at strategy.

  • Innovation

    Ninety-two percent of leaders recognize that innovation is an essential growth strategy. One hundred percent of leaders who have used our innovation service are now sure of it.

  • Digital Experience

    The Digital Experience group at LG2 consists of 60+ specialists that influence every step of a consumer’s brand experience, from UX to UI to dev and beyond.

  • Architecture

    Architecture and immersive experiences are the logical next step for us as we continue to create new ways for brands to express themselves in the real world; building meaningful and memorable physical interactions with consumers while enabling them to tell their stories in three dimensions.

  • Data and Insights

    Many of our clients are rich in data, sourced from various points and stored in different formats. While they are sitting on a gold mine, they are yet unsure of how to tap into it. Our Data and Insights service can transform those massive volumes of numbers into words, ideas, and ultimately, profit.

  • Branding and Design

    We’ve created or refreshed well over 300 brands (and counting). Our expertise covers brand platforms, logos, naming, internal and external branding applications, written manifestos, brand guidelines and comprehensive brand books.

  • Advertising

    From ad blockers to platform proliferation, brands can no longer simply pay to be seen. And that’s a good thing. Because it places a premium on what advertising should be. Relevant. Authentic. Honest. And above all, provocative.

  • Packaging

    Packaging design is vital to a brand’s success. It is the physical bond between brand and consumer and its design determines how strong that bond will be, because average packaging gets ignored on-shelf.

  • Content

    Creating compelling content means not only crafting well-told stories but also being strategic in how, when and where they are told.

  • Production

    You don’t need a mass campaign to knock at our door – all projects are welcome. At LG2, you’ll find a team that is ready to go all out for your project. Whatever the ask, it’s no sweat, really.

  • Shopper Marketing

    Retail is in our DNA; it’s been part of our everyday right from the beginning. So we’re ideally placed to guide our clients straight through to checkout – whether on-site or virtual.

  • Employer brand

    We believe that developing a vibrant and consistent employee experience is critical to the longevity of organizations. Using our empathy and creativity to build human-centred and supportive work environments is another way for us to make a positive impact on the world.

  • PR and Public Affairs

    A challenge facing any brand or organization today is finding the right way to tell its story, get its message out and find its place in the conversation. That’s where PR and Public Affairs comes in.