Digital experience 

“ You can’t just communicate products anymore, you have to develop products that communicate.”

- Alexis Robin, Partner, Vice-President – Digital Experience

More than 60 experts in strategy, user experience (UX), design, technology, customer relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, content and performance help brands develop and implement digital experiences, services and technological platforms that link them to their customers on a daily basis.

While exceptional experiential design is certainly a huge business opportunity, speed is today’s biggest challenge. The speed at which new business models emerge. The speed at which new technologies go from prototype to mainstream. The speed at which the fine line between enticing and serving the consumer is being erased, and evolving to a continuous relationship cycle. The speed at which physical and virtual spaces merge together as one. The speed at which consumers want to access their products and services – anytime, anywhere. This new era of velocity demands an unprecedented level of agility, creativity and the ability to constantly reinvent yourself. But beyond just transformation, our aim is to drive the digital acceleration of businesses everywhere.

It’s this ambition that drives our Digital Experience team, which is comprised of more than 60 experts in strategy, user experience (UX), design technology, client relationship management (CRM), e-commerce, content and performance. They’re all passionate about brands, consumers and the bonds that technology can forge between the two. What’s more, they’re a team that’s recognized across the country for their creativity, innovative solutions and obsession with performance. 

That’s why marketers engage us to support their teams in the concepting, development and implementation of experiences, services and technological platforms that link them to their customers on a daily basis. 

Expertise and services

  • Working at the intersection of business strategy, creative technology and performance, our strategists are focused on creating ecosystems that are durable, sustainable and profitable.
  • Our UX and UI designers ensure that users’ needs, motivations, and emotions are at the heart of creative development for interfaces, environments and connected devices.
  • From mapping the customer journey to quick prototyping, information architecture, user research and interface design, we create interactions that appeal to people’s rational and emotional sides.
  • Our deep understanding of a vast array of technology makes us an objective partner that can identify, develop, house and run unique web and mobile solutions.
  • In addition to delivering end-to-end solutions, our technology team acts as an extension of our clients’ IT departments.
  • Our content specialists are focused on developing compelling editorial content and conversation strategies.
  • We ensure the targeted deployment of content on the Web and social media, using influencers and interpersonal channels, always following best practices for inbound and SEO.
  • Our performance experts ensure the implementation of various measurement tools, and apply conversion rate optimization to multivariate tests and machine learning to maximize the performance of our clients’ investment.
  • We utilize smart data to help us uncover important insights that could have a major impact on an organization.

1 entrepreneur + 1 entrepreneur

lg2 is the story of two entrepreneurs. Sylvain Labarre (the “L”) and Paul Gauthier (the “G”). The two of them, along with Gilles Chouinard, started to build a small agency with big ambitions. More than 25 years later, with over 250 talented employees and thousands of awards for some of the most innovative and well-known brands in the world, the founders’ relentless focus on their people and their product remains just as strong. And their bold ways have since been successfully passed on to over 20 new entrepreneurs, who work just as tirelessly to preserve our independence and creatively driven business model.

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