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Updating the flagship brand of a national food leader

“With this refresh of the Oasis brand, we wanted to celebrate the small joys in life. The brand wanted to highlight the strong emotional connection it has created with Canadian consumers over the past several decades. We worked seamlessly with LG2 during this revamping of the Oasis line. It was as if they were an extension of our own internal team.”

Marlène Hins

Vice-President of Marketing and Innovation, Lassonde

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The Oasis brand, found on shelves for a number of decades now, has grown up with several generations of Canadians. With the industry evolving to respond to ever-changing consumer behaviours and the arrival of a range of thirst-quenching alternatives, the moment was right to redefine Lassonde’s flagship line. It was also an opportunity to reassert its ambition to grow its market shares as well as its place in the hearts of Canadians. A brand this rich required solid agency/client collaboration to challenge the marketing status quo and to ensure we preserved what makes Oasis a beloved family brand.

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Maintaining each brand’s unique personality

Taking our cue from the brand’s business vision, LG2 began the Oasis refresh by restructuring the portfolio. The strategic thinking refocused the offer: instead of 10 sub-brands, the offer is now organized into 4 strong lines, with each one offering clear benefits to consumers who share a distinct set of behaviours.

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A strategically reorganized offer

A new brand strategy and positioning, and a refreshed personality meant that the Oasis brand had to be updated as well. It was critical to create a new brand universe in which each sub-brand has its own identity, yet shares a common foundation. This boosts both equity and shelf performance, and builds a creative system that can accommodate future sub-brands.

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Consistency at every touchpoint

The more modern, simplified packaging features a consistent information hierarchy across all lines and better identifies each product’s respective facts. With the packaging and the platform fully aligned, the new brand system is visible at all of the brand’s touchpoints.

Apart from the graphic refresh and touchpoint update, the new brand architecture makes Oasis more efficient and more appealing to consumers. The new structure allows the brand to retain its gains over the years, enhances its clarity and flexibility, and better positions it to capitalize on future opportunities.

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Find your Oasis

To support this major evolution of the brand elements, including strategy and packaging, the “Find your Oasis” communication campaign presents the different juice lines in the context of everyday moments. The campaign plays with the full range of life’s emotions via video, TV, high-impact formats, digital displays and POS.

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Lassonde, a Quebec company founded in 1918, sells food products through its four specialty subsidiaries. With over 25 well-known brands sold across Canada and the U.S., Lassonde has been a delicious part of the meals and snacks for millions of people for over 100 years.