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Favuzzi, all amore

“We often overlook the effect of love and artisan traditions on product quality. This notion is core to the main idea behind Favuzzi. It may make things more complicated, but in the end, I think it’s the only way to go. LG2 perfectly captured the Favuzzi spirit in the products’ packaging and on-shelf presence.”

Michel Favuzzi

Founder & President, Favuzzi

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We all know of brands that started out modestly, say in a suburban garage somewhere. Over time, by seizing opportunities and working hard, business expands and they become a success story. For Favuzzi, the story didn’t begin in the garage of the family home, but rather in the trunk of an old car.

A son of Italian immigrants to Canada, Michel Favuzzi drew on his rich family history, Mediterranean roots and love for good food to found his business in 2001. His ultimate goal was to offer products that couldn’t be found on the market. Reflecting a passion for exceptional products, the brand went from a small distributor of olive oil to an exclusive gateway for luxury food items to Canada. Favuzzi offers gourmet fans over 100 niche products, many of which can’t be found elsewhere. If a book can be judged by its cover, a product’s quality can be judged by its packaging. That’s exactly why Michel knocked on LG2’s door: to enhance his brand’s perception among consumers.

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An authentic variety

As the agency partner, LG2 instantly understood the love and dedication of Favuzzi’s founder for the products that bear his name. Each year, Michel covers thousands of kilometres to unearth unique products such as the best tomato sauce in the world, made by a small producer in the heart of the Italian countryside, or Spanish olives harvested on trees and land lavishly cared for by a family he befriended. Building the brand on its greatest defining quality – the discovery of exceptional artisans – was only natural. The creative idea, the logo’s construction, minute details, the photographic approach and the place reserved for the brand story on the packaging were all carefully thought out to give the artisan prominence, regardless of where the products would be found. This unique feature allows Favuzzi to stand apart on-shelf through its original and uniform packaging.

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Mobile spotlight on Favuzzi

The prominence given to the variety and authenticity of the Italian artisanal products on the packaging now had to be communicated in a physical space. At a booth created for the Canadian Health Food Association’s expo in Vancouver that shone a spotlight on the products, visitors were able to discover Favuzzi’s unique offering.

Products were arranged and illuminated by LED lighting on shelves one would find in a fine food store, allowing passersby to see the wide selection of products at a glance. With the same warm hospitality Italy is known for, consumers could also experience the brand at tasting stations and inviting meeting spaces.

The material, a mix of Russian cherry veneer and metal, was chosen to capture the products’ dual craft and modern nature. The booth was also equipped with storage areas for products underneath the shelves.

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For several generations, the Favuzzi family has lived life following the seasonal harvests along the Italian coast of the Adriatic Sea. Founder Michel Fvuzzi discovered the family’s olive production from his Uncle Damiano during a trip to Europe. Today, Favuzzi is on a mission to uncover fine food products made by the best Italian artisans. Many trips and memorable encounters with outstanding artisans from various Mediterranean regions continue to nourish the desire to offer superior products that are tasty and authentic.