Bringing Montreal to life through the seasons

“We wanted a unifying year-round campaign that would allow us to celebrate the unique energy of our beautiful city and link our marketing efforts to the destination. LG2 was able to highlight the many faces of Montreal, which change with the seasons.”

Sylvie Charette

Chief Marketing Officer, Tourisme Montréal


Tourisme Montréal



Montreal, known as a lively and vibrant destination, still has numerous facets and hidden treasures that many people don't know about. The city’s distinct seasons influence its mood, giving it an unrivaled atmosphere. How can we convey this energy through engaging ads that both inspire pride in Montrealers and capture the attention of potential tourists?

This was the starting point for a documentary-style campaign. In a story told in three chapters, LG2 communicated the essence, intensity and colour of each season to highlight the city’s unique character and multiple identities.

The popularity of the #MTLmoments hashtag inspired the trilogy’s approach. The series features unscripted moments from experiences that are intrinsically connected to each season. The city’s distinctive energy comes to life as the narrative unfolds through the eyes of Montrealers.

Summer days bring celebration

To prove that there's always something happening in Montreal, 100 locals were asked to film their city on the same day at exactly 5 p.m. – a symbolic hour all over the world that announces the beginning of happy hour.

And since no celebration is complete without music, even the soundtrack was recorded at exactly the same time. Composed by Montreal pianist Alexandra Stréliski and electropop group Valaire, the music for Tourisme Montréal's summer ad had to be the work of local musicians who can lay down a festive vibe.  

The challenge? Having everyone throughout the city at the same time.

Autumn breezes bring transformation

The lively echoes of summer days stretch into early autumn. As the weather slowly cools and the colourful trees shed their leaves, the light takes on a cool hue before nature finally rests. Now it's time to follow the rhythm and seek comfort inside.

Indulge in gourmet food, see inspiring exhibitions and shows, shop in local designer boutiques, sample local produce at the market, savour natural wines and beers from microbreweries and spend a day being pampered at the spa. 

Over the course of 30 days, we captured the transition of nature and Montrealers as the days expanded and contracted.

Winter nights bring illumination

During Montreal winters, it's not the days that get shorter, but the nights that get longer. As soon as the sun goes down, the nightlife picks up. The city's iconic lights shine bright. All over the island, places vibrate with light and activity. The nighttime tour ends at Igloofest, the coldest music festival in the world, where energy hits a high point.

In this chapter, we experience a Montreal night in time-lapse, right up to the first rays of dawn.

Celebrate Montreal and inspire the industry

This approach was more than just a campaign; it brought Montrealers and tourists together as well as the tourism industry. Through the moments shared in the three chapters, Tourisme Montréal was able to demonstrate that experiences make the destination. 

The organization set viewing records with these ads. The summer video enjoyed nearly 14 million complete views, across all markets and formats. 

This campaign has had an impact beyond our borders, producing concrete results. Montreal's hotel occupancy rate reached 76% in the summer of 2022, a return to near pre-pandemic levels. This seasonal trilogy, by capturing unique moments, has rallied key stakeholders in the Montreal tourism industry such as the City of Montreal, commercial development corporations and the Quartier des spectacles.

All in all, Tourisme Montréal's trilogy has made Montrealers even prouder and enjoyed unprecedented international success in every one of its key markets.


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