Building audience loyalty with the world of the forbidden

“Our collaboration with Le Diamant evolved into larger-than-life ideas. The red thread that binds two lovers led us to the erotic art of shibari while the new notion of an infidelity program opened up a world of possibilities for bold imagery.”

Jacques de Varennes

Partner, Vice-President, Design - Quebec City, LG2


Le Diamant


Branding and Design

LG2 had successfully created a brand image and visual platform for Le Diamant theatre, an innovative performing arts centre in Quebec City, so it was emboldened to take its creative collaboration to a whole new level. The mandate? Develop and conceptualize the visual, editorial and experiential platform of the theatre’s loyalty program, Amants du Diamant (literally, Diamond Lovers), by flirting with the notion of loyalty. 

The new platform had to be captivating in every way to catch the interest of current and future Le Diamant audiences. Since the cultural environment is so rich and diverse, LG2 worked closely with the theatre’s team to brainstorm and push the limits of propriety.

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Bonding with art

Amants du Diamant, the name of the theatre’s loyalty program, prompted the question: Can lovers really be loyal? The question tempted some provocative answers and sparked the idea to create a Disloyalty Program. The art of the forbidden was coaxed out of the shadows by creating an intimate language and a distinctive graphic universe.

The Red Thread of Fate, an ancient legend about the bond between two lovers destined to be together, was intricately linked to the new name for the program. Le Diamant left nothing to the imagination; an exchange of ideas, creativity and audacity led to the use of the Japanese erotic art of shibari as a visual, editorial and experiential platform. 

We worked with acclaimed artist Robert Lepage to push the limits of the expected and create a program that would leave audiences desiring more. The art of shibari, captured in a performance art video, entwines Le Diamant in bold red rope. The rope’s symbolism and the language of intimacy also dominate the Disloyalty Program communications.

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Disloyal lovers

In early 2023, subscriptions for the 2022–2023 Le Diamant season had already achieved 80% of the theatre’s target. The public's response to the platform’s artistic signature has been and continues to be very positive, proving that the art of the audacious can provoke the desire for discovery.

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Le Diamant is a unique cultural venue dedicated to presenting the best national and international contemporary creations. This black box venue attracts new productions and large-scale events to its intimate setting.

This unique performing arts centre, located in the city’s historic heart, is a siren call for the public and emerging and established artists.

Photos of performances and installations were taken by Stéphane Bourgeois. Videos were produced by Astronef Studio under the direction of the Le Diamant team. LG2 would like to thank the artists involved in the project as well as Le Diamant for permission to use performance photos and videos.