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The road to the next level never ends

“Our close collaboration with LG2 allowed us to completely reimagine our brand, making it hyper-relevant to our consumers and ensuring that CCM plays a leading role in the evolution of hockey culture.”

Caroline Losson

Chief Marketing Officer, CCM

For more than 120 years, CCM has been making gear for the best hockey players in the world. But hockey is changing. Gone are the days of people saying they “went to a fight and a hockey game broke out.” Today’s elite young players are faster, stronger and more skilled than ever before. And no matter how successful, they never stop working to get even better.

ALL OUT is CCM’s new global brand platform, built on their own never-ending commitment to go all out, all the time, on and off the ice. It is proof that CCM lives by the same code as the players. A belief that the road to the next level never ends. The campaign launched with multiple video formats and a web experience that showed the two equally committed sides of the ALL OUT story: the players and the people behind CCM.


The campaign highlights CCM’s close collaboration with the best male and female players in the game and serves as a rallying cry for anyone who plays every shift like it’s their last. It’s a celebration of the never-ending loop of work, sweat, passion and commitment required to get to the next level. And a recognition that success is not the end goal but the story itself.

Going all out means getting up every morning and finding a way to be better than the day before; an essential insight that was uncovered in strategic consultations with young elite hockey players from key markets.

Digital experience

The online experience pushes the viewer to participate in the experience with a hold-to-play action that measures their commitment. The active cursor continues through the lower sections as looping video extracts follow the user through the All Out manifesto.

Various interactive noise filters add an edgy rawness to the overall feel, in keeping with the spirit of the campaign.

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The brand platform inspires an equally bold, dynamic approach to physical in-store applications and architecture, bringing All Out to life in retail.

CCM archi


CCM (formerly Canadian Cycle and Motor) is a 121-year-old hockey equipment manufacturer headquartered in Montréal. They design gear for all levels of players, including a significant proportion of NHL professionals. Key endorsees include Connor McDavid, Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, Carey Price, Brent Burns and Marc-Andre Fleury.