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Some see a city. We see a giant playground

“There is a one-of-a-kind creative energy in Montreal. And it’s this contagious energy that we injected into the heart of the brand platform.”

Emmanuelle Legault

Vice-President, Marketing and Strategy, Tourisme Montréal


Tourisme Montréal


Branding and Design
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You don’t visit Montreal. You live it. Its unique energy is expressed through an openness to the world and the creativity that infuses each experience. Montrealers see their city as a giant playground where anything is possible. And what can seem ordinary such as a nondescript space becomes an opportunity to create an extraordinary experience.

When you’re asked to promote a product like Montreal, you need a creative platform that stands out and, above all, is flexible enough to showcase all the new experiences the city offers.

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Pulling out all the stops for the LGBTQ+ target

The We’ve got balls campaign showed off Montreal’s daring nature and open-arm welcome for the LGBTQ+ community. To celebrate the famous 18 Shades of Gay art installation of colourful balls that dangled over Sainte-Catherine Street for over 10 years, the creative execution showcased the city’s most popular round icons.

The campaign favoured high-impact media, dominating the Toronto metro and New York bus shelters and billboards, with a strong digital presence in San Francisco. Digital content featuring Montreal’s finest spheres, such as the Orange Julep, the Olympic Stadium and the Ferris Wheel, was also developed.

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Tourisme Montréal is an umbrella organization that works to promote and develop the Montréal and Québec tourist offerings, a key industry for the province, in collaboration with over 900 members and partners, all players and leaders in the tourism industry.