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Reinventing a Brand. Reaffirming its Leadership.

“In order to raise industry standards and with the introduction of a renewed consumer experience and exclusive technological solutions that focus on our promise of expertise and intelligent design, we choose to work with a local company that, like us, puts customer experience first and foremost.”

Jean-Michel Maltais

Senior Vice-President, Multichannel, New Look Vision Group

New Look, a fixture in the eyewear market for several decades, made its mark right from the start with its promotional business model of 2 for 1 eyewear sales. After becoming the market standard, New Look smoothly modernized to remain the leader in its category and to respond to ever-increasing online competition, all based on ultra-competitive prices and a brand experience perceived as innovative and inspiring.

Experts in the subject

New Look and lg2 worked in synergy with the goal of repositioning the brand and enhancing its expertise. In particular, New Look wanted to showcase the value of their products beyond mere style. The vision of the repositioning: to be the point of convergence between design and optics.

  • Be visionary: put forward their expertise in manufacturing lenses and defining the future of optometry.
  • Epitomize the best of design culture: believe in intelligent design, to deliver timeless styles, enduring quality and better vision.

This collaborative effort has driven the total reinvention of the New Look experience, from its commercial offer to its identity, including its communication strategy and, soon, its physical, digital and technological buying experience. The company also plans to implement new technologies to deliver a simplified, personalized customer experience.

“We created an ambitious positioning, calling for the brand’s expertise to be brought to the foreground with a strong identity and flexible brand platform, which will soon be deployed in-store as well.”

Marie-Christine Ferron

Strategist, lg2

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An identity inspired by know-how

To mark the start of its transformation, New Look decided to modernize its identity. The brand’s new logo illustrates where light meets the eye. New Look is the convergence of design and optics.

The company not only created an iconic symbol focused on its promise, but this renewed identity can also be applied with greater flexibility across all of its touchpoints.

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A memorable campaign branded by change

Next, New Look proved its expertise with a communications campaign to boost this major initiative. Enter the man-lynx, the ideal character with perfect eyesight to talk about perfect eyesight. The man-lynx, who obviously doesn’t need glasses, extols the merits of New Look experts across TV spots, online videos and social media initiatives.

Another aspect of the campaign, rolled out in posters, POP, video and social media, was created in collaboration with Quebec illustrator Pascal Blanchet to promote the brand's attributes as well as its new identity.


New Look Vision Group, a Canadian company and a true leader in the optical field in Canada, is constantly expanding with a network of over 80 locations in Quebec and Ontario. Its team of over 750 employees, including 200 opticians, are all committed to offering their customers the best possible service. Together with its lens-surfacing laboratory in Montreal and its import subsidiary, New Look is uniquely positioned to offer the highest-quality products at the most competitive prices.