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Charting a course for the future of transportation

“It’s incredible what my family has built over the past 80 years. We’ve always had big ambitions, but the road is full of challenges. LG2 helped us go the distance and beyond while respecting the Morneau DNA. Listening and partnership were the keys to this success.”

Catherine Morneau

Executive Vice-President and General Manager, Groupe Morneau

Groupe Morneau is the story of a family that built one of the biggest transportation companies in Eastern Canada. Eighty years after it was founded, the fourth generation is now behind the wheel and looking down the road.

Recent acquisitions, expansion into Ontario and the goal of electrifying half of its truck fleet by 2030 have marked the last few years. Entering this new era of prosperity demanded rapid growth and considerable evolution. The brand essence had to be defined and consolidated to make Groupe Morneau distinct in the market. 

LG2 worked with all levels of Morneau’s administration to update its brand experience on the road and on the Web. The new identity celebrates its founding culture of equality, in which every employee and client is treated as an important link in the Morneau chain.

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Rewriting the highway codes

To stand out in their market, it was essential to distance them from the industry’s stereotypes and step into the safety boots of road workers who brave the unknown to keep the economy moving.

The three merging bands of the logo’s distinctive M symbolize an aerial view of trucks. This powerful symbol illustrates the Group’s core business and the three bands represent all the roads Morneau travels across regions to serve communities.

With a total of seven sub-brands, the brand architecture needed to be clarified. Based on the results of a consumer behaviour study, there are now three identities of expertise: Morneau Geo (general transportation), Morneau Borea (refrigerated transportation) and Morneau Global (logistics and international transportation).

A website that connects with all customers

Morneau’s revamped website reflects the new brand strategy – both in its user experience (UX) and its interface (UI) – by positioning the company as a trusted partner rather than as a convenient transportation service.

The website’s information architecture exemplifies Morneau’s understanding of its clients’ reality at a time when the global supply chain has been disrupted. The main sections give potential clients a snapshot of Morneau’s three areas of expertise, while the utility sections give current clients essential functionality, which non-commercial users such as prospective employees and the media can also explore.

The people behind the expertise are captured in photos and animations, reminding us that Groupe Morneau employees are essential workers in the economies of Quebec and Canada.

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Groupe Morneau has been delivering the goods to its clients in Quebec for 80 years. With a network of 23 strategically located terminals across Eastern Canada and with a wide range of complementary expertise in transportation and logistics, the company is uniquely qualified to manage its clients’ supply chains. Groupe Morneau is made up of the Morneau Geo, Morneau Borea and Morneau Global divisions. Visit groupemorneau.com for more details.