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At the centre of our tables and gatherings

“For a good many years, fondue has been one of the essential Quebec meals, and in large part the credit goes to Canton. With this brand evolution, we wanted to celebrate our achievements and modernize the platform so that Canton remains at the heart of our dinners and gatherings for a long time to come.”

Marlène Hins

Vice-President, Marketing & Innovation, A. Lassonde

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Branding and Design

In Quebec, fondue is synonymous with Canton broths and sauces from Canadian agri-food company Lassonde. 

Despite Canton’s undisputed position at the top of the category, Lassonde set out to modernize the iconic brand with two goals in mind: better reflect today’s eating habits, which have changed significantly since Canton launched in 1981, and consolidate its position in the market.

LG2 articulated a new brand promise that pays respect to Canton’s heritage: At the heart of meals that bring us together. As part of this refresh, the agency launched a new tradition that people of all ages who gather around the table can enjoy.

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Reflecting new food habits

From the very beginning, Canton has been a staple in the kitchens of Quebecers, but as new customers with more diverse tastes joined the table, a strategic repositioning was needed.

Meat featured prominently on Canton broth and sauce packages as a classic food pairing. A vegetable-heavy selection is now shown on the front of packages, and recipe ideas with vegetable protein can be found on the back.

Several products in the range were also renamed to allow for more flexibility within the brand platform. This new and easily identifiable brand platform gives the Canton product family greater visibility in the retail space.

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Fundue challenges

Fondue nights now have a new tradition: the ”In Hot Broth” game.

The game has one simple rule – as soon as a person accidentally drops a bite of food into the broth, they must attempt a challenge. Using a simple QR code on the back of all Canton packages, everyone at the table can easily access more than 50 challenges that are guaranteed to inject a little levity into the evening.

From freestyle rapping to no-hands eating, the game brings a novel digital dimension to mealtime to create memorable moments for those who aren’t afraid to dip into something new.

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Lassonde is a Quebec company founded in 1918 that prepares food products through one of its four specialized divisions. With over 25 established brands across Canada and the United States, Lassonde has been an important part of millions of people’s diets for over a 100 years.