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Energy like you’ve never seen it before

“Our commitment to future generations is to ensure that everyone benefits from our clean energy.”

Éric Martel

President and CEO of Hydro-Québec

Over the last few years, Hydro-Québec has had to face a new reality. From societal issues to negative perceptions, the state-owned corporation needed to enter into a new era and set ambitious goals to reaffirm its position as a world leader in clean energy.

These challenges led the company to review its positioning and the way that it presents itself. A new brand signature was created to strategically support this positioning: “Clean energy to power us all.”

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The new platform

Light, which is strongly associated with energy, combined with water, the central element of the company, naturally produces a luminous gradation. By isolating the spectrum of light that lies between Hydro-Québec’s blue and orange, we obtain a strong visual representation of our energy.

The spectrum serves as the basis for a separate communication platform. It simplifies, unifies and differentiates the brand’s communications, which are essential to boldly highlight Hydro-Québec’s leadership.

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A unique typography

Other distinctive elements were added to the creation to accompany the new colours. A unique typography was specially designed for Hydro-Québec. Its angles and curves are inspired by the Spartan Black typeface, which was used in the 1960s on the state-owned corporation’s invoices and documents.

As it was created in different weights, Hydro-Québec’s new typeface allows it to stand out across all its platforms. The revised and modernized typeface, which was deployed at the beginning of the offensive, also offers a glimpse into the company’s past.

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Hydro 75

Hydro-Québec wanted to celebrate its 75th anniversary with a memorable digital experience. Two interactions are at the heart of the commemorative website that we created: the timeline and the mosaic. Highlights from the Québec state-owned corporation’s history are presented through an interactive timeline.

The mosaic grows organically thanks to past and present employees, and to all those who want to celebrate Hydro-Québec’s 75th anniversary. Anyone can add their face to this human mosaic, which recreates the brand’s anniversary logo in real time.


Hydro-Québec produces, transmits and distributes electricity. As a responsible company committed to sustainable development, its product is an ideal solution to the major challenges North America faces in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and ensuring the security of supply. The state-owned corporation’s generation fleet includes 63 hydroelectric generating stations and 28 reservoirs.