Outside the agency


Alexandre Jourdain

Creative Director

He’s got camping tattooed on his heart and bacon tattooed on his arm.


Andrée-Anne Hallé


Just because she’s part of a Celtic punk band, doesn’t mean she can’t appreciate things that are softer, pinker and less Celtic-y.


Anthony Verge

Graphic Designer

Here’s what he didn’t photograph while sailing across the Atlantic.


Ariel Riske


She spends most of her time injuring herself in soccer, hosting annoyingly specific theme parties, and hiding her sweatpants from anyone she runs into in public. But first, coffee.

Arnaud Doyon

Arnaud Doyon

Creative Coordinator

He’s extremely coordinated. Except when it comes to keeping both hands on the handlebars.

" lg2 Nature Day combines two of my favourite things. A free day off. With a visit to a Sépaq park. "

Alexandre Jourdain, Digital Creative Director


Camille Gagnon


She appreciates all the little things in life.


Camille Sykes

Creative Coordinator

An avid adventurer, cyclist and camper who’s afraid of nothing. Except gluten.


Catherine Draws

Account Manager

When we tell her to “take a kayak,” she literally takes a kayak.


Carl Milette

Account Coordinator

No matter where he is, he’s got the “drop” down to an art.

Charles Harvey

Charles Harvey

Analyst Strategic

If a tree falls in the forest with no one around to hear it, does it still make a sound? Let’s analyze that…

Christophe Dube

Christophe Dubé

Content Specialist

Don’t be fooled by his impeccable haircut, he’s a man who wears many hats.

Claude Auchu

Claude Auchu

Partner, CEO

The recipe for happiness is simple: gas, mud and flies in your face.

Claudia Trudeau

Claudia Trudeau

Account Coordinator

Singing Céline, against all odds.

Colin Beaudin

Colin Beaudin

Art Director

He clearly isn’t very superstitious.

David Mercier

David Mercier

Content Creator

He sees the light at the end of the tunnel multiple times a day.


Élise Cropsal

Creative Director, Design

Multiple talents, multiple roles. Gardener. Mother. Designer. The only thing she can’t do is stop.

Feeniscya Roy

Féeniscya Roy

Account Manager

Her cat’s name is Pad Thai, but she’s never eaten it. That could have been phrased differently.


Frédérique Perron‑Thomas

Account Director

Her goal: to get back under the sun before the tan from her last trip disappears.

Genevieve Langlois

Geneviève Langlois

Creative Co-director

She snowboards. She skateboards. She dyes her hair. She’s cool even when she’s just eating breakfast.


Genevieve Legault


She’s a true word-lover. Especially the word “Montréal.”


Jean Lafrenière

Advertising Creative

If it involves vintage skateboards and danger, he’s in.


Jean-Philippe Dugal

Graphic Designer

To design or not to design? That is his question.

Joannie Fredette

Joannie Fredette

Content Chief

Her writing is as elegant as her beret.


Joël Auchu

UX Designer

The sky’s the limit. No frisbee escapes his grasp, no matter how ultimate it is.


Julie Pilon

Vice‑President, Account Services

She’s been in love with travel since she was a teen. The only thing that’s changed now is the number of shoes she puts in her backpack.

Julien Marchand

Julien Marchand

Writer, Brand Communication

His brand is all yellow.

Karine Farmer

Karine Farmer

Account Coordinator

Loves playing outdoors with her dog and telling everyone that she played outdoors with her dog.


Laurence Valois-Fortier

UX Designer

Stepping outside her comfort zone doesn’t scare her. As long as it’s picturesque.


Lina Piché


She says she’s not hyperactive. She just has too much energy. There’s a difference.


Madeline Dumayne

Account Director, Digital Experience

On a bike, on a snowboard or while eating a Mandy’s salad, she’s always living the #geeklife.


Marc-André Dandurand

Art Director, Digital Experience

As a professional GIF maker, he enjoys sticking heads on everything… even his own.

Marie Eve Leonard

Marie-Ève Léonard

Account Manager

She’s got stars in her eyes.


Marie‑Michelle Leboeuf

Senior Account Manager

Chest, arms, legs, repeat.


Marie‑Pier Gilbert

Graphic Designer

Always ready for a cocktail, whether down the street or on the other side of the world, her favourite is definitely before a late-night soccer game on the other side of the city.


Martin Baron

Art Director

Since joining lg2, he’s won every in-house contest, raffle and giveaway. He’s got a horseshoe hidden somewhere.

Maude Lavigne

Maude Lavigne

Account Manager

We’d much rather run into her than a moose on an empty country road.


Maxime Chabot

Strategist, Digital Experience

If you look closely, you can see a unicorn appear in the sky.

Melody Ouelette

Melody Ouellette

Group Leader

With her eyes on the prize, she never misses her target.


Mira Gauthier

Graphic Designer

Her passion for design is reflected in her photos of her family and of Japan. And her hair colour.

Nellie Kim

Nellie Kim

Partner, Vice‑President, Creative Director

Her one passion is painting, travelling and reading. Yes, that’s three passions. Nellie’s a brilliant creative leader, not a mathematician.


Nicolas Baldovini

Creative Director, Digital Experience

When the going gets tough, he gets going. To run ultra-marathons in the mountains of Quebec.


Nicolas Boisvert

Partner, Creative director

He’s the only person to count down the days of summer to the first day of snowboarding. He’s also the only person who thinks he should put it all on Instagram.


Nicolas Francoeur

Account Manager, Digital Experience

Comfort should never compromise style.


Paul Transon

Content Creator

Occupation: finding hidden beauty.

Rachael Abram

Rachael Abram

Digital Strategist

When they play outside, her dog is the one who needs to take a break.

Roxanne Pelletier

Roxanne Pelletier


She knows how to stay one step ahead of writer’s block.

Ryan Crouchman

Ryan Crouchman

Creative Director, Design

Wherever he goes, complementary colours follow.


Sabrina Côté


She’s always ready to move or go on a hike. But only if it ends with a glass of rosé.

Sarah Mclellan

Sarah McLellan

Executive Assistant

She loves sandwiches, breakfast and breakfast sandwiches. And not just for breakfast.

Scott Douglas

Scott Douglas

Social Media Manager

The only creatures that scare him are trolls.


Sophie Valentine

Graphic Designer

She never takes out the trash, because she doesn’t make any.

" After having spent years surfing the waves in Corsica, for the past few years, I’ve been surfing the snow in Québec. "

Nicolas Baldovini, Creative Director, Digital Experience

Valery Lewis

Valéry Lewis

Broadcast Coordinator

She isn’t afraid to tackle a mountain of work. Or an actual mountain.


Véronique Gingras


A seasoned globetrotter, her favourite destination is still in bed with a good book.


Vincent Bernard

Art Director

Designer, lumberjack, snowboarder, Dad. In no particular order.


Virginie Wérotte

Account Director

When she talks about having a life outside work, it’s usually outside the country.


William Lew

Tech Support

For an IT and photography pro like him, he finds true happiness in updating camera software.

" No good happy hour finishes in an hour. Or two. "

Catherine Draws, Account Manager

Taylor  Johnston

Taylor Johnston

Account Director

You’ll never find her up a creek without a paddle.

Luke Whitty

Luke Whitty

Account Manager

He treats his dog like he’s king of the world.

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