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Marc-André Dandurand: Web player

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His passion for drawing and comics took root during this time, when he realized he had zero talent for sports. Long story short, during his second baseball game ever, he sprained a thumb, which put an end to his athletic career for good. So, he turned to comics for fun. Hopping on his bike every weekend to go to the library, he would take out as many comics as he was allowed. His backpack full, he’d tear back home to his bedroom to read everything in one go. Maxing out the 15-book limit, he’d make a second trip in the afternoon if he felt like it, reading up to 30 comics on some days.

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Same thing for Lego. When he was very young, he’d spend hours meticulously building scenes, engrossed by the thinking and planning required. Once the scene was complete, he’d put it all away. Playing with it, you see, was never his goal.

A visit to Marc-André’s home includes a tour of his Ali Baba den jammed full of 90s memorabilia. Your eyes jump from an impressive array of comics and Lego pieces to Star Wars figures, a ton of retro gadgets and a dog that’s a poster pet for the best the Internet has to offer.

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If something inspires Marc-André, he takes it seriously. He even chose his dog as a nod to the popular Doge meme that took over the Internet awhile back. He trained it to make the exact same pose. We’re all waiting for him to discover his next big inspiration, along with the GIF that will no doubt follow.

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