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Maxime Chabot, Ready for Anything

Born in October, Maxime is a Libra. And she fully embraces her sign: always ready to try anything, do everything, taste everything. For this young woman, life is a giant playground, whether it’s on the streets of her Villeray hood or in the Sahara Desert.

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Maxime loves to be bold, be it how she dresses or what she eats. She loves to fill her wardrobe with sparkly socks, sequins and neon colours, always creating a uniquely uninhibited look. As a girl, she insisted on pairing unlikely pieces despite her mother’s gentle disapproval. But even then, Maxime didn’t care. To this day, she still believes picking out your outfit should be fun.

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Same goes for food. Beyond pizzaghetti, her emblematic meal, her culinary traditions are extravagant to say the least. According to her, spaghetti is best served with a few banana slices. We salute and thank her mother for passing on this wacky habit. Maxime and her girlfriends have an oyster-eating ritual that requires they all apply lipstick before they dig in. Strange? To be sure. Charming? Absolutely!

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“I’m veeeeerrrry playful!” Maxime candidly admits.

She plays with just about everything. In fact, she has more than one spectacular trick up her sleeve. The kind of skillful manoeuvres we usually picture a grandfather executing for the kids at a family dinner. Not magic...but not far from it. Maxime loves it. She inherited this quality from her father, who loves to put on a show. So it’s pretty impossible to get bored with her. Being a true fan of board games, she carries a deck of cards more often than not. She’s entertaining all the way to the bottom of her pockets.

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Maxime + a project = sparks. And sometimes those sparks light a huge fire. Maxime can move mountains to reach her goals for a project that really inspires her. Without being obsessed with victory, Maxime loves competition. It goes back a long way: She competed in the Jeux du Québec for softball as a teenager, participated in the Jeux de la communication in university and, of course, she is team captain to a women’s softball league in Montreal. Her latest challenge was the Trophée Rose des Sables, the solidarity rally-raid made for women that takes place in Morocco. To participate, Maxime and her partner collected funds for almost 6 years. They even launched a fashion accessory company to make it happen.

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Maxime gives her all for demanding adventures because she’s fuelled by emotions. She can often be seen shedding a tear while talking about projects she loves, her family, her friends, her loved ones. Max, as they call her, is a sensitive, rallying force. She lives for all-girl activities.

“I always had a crew of girls, always played team sports with girls. I’m trying to maintain that. Sorority and camaraderie between women must be built and encouraged. Women’s mutual support should be celebrated.”

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Her sense of camaraderie can be felt all the way back to her neighbourhood. Maxime is home in Villeray. She looks for friendly exchanges with local merchants, whether buying a dozen oysters at the Jean-Talon Market or ordering a latte at Café Archive.

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Like a true Libra, Max nurtures solidarity in all aspects of her life; she’s a real team player, no matter what.

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Maxime Chabot, Director of Digital Strategy