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Catelli: Made for the Modern Meal

“As Canada's number-one pasta brand, we are well aware that consumers’ shopping habits are changing. As a result, we needed to modernize our 150-year-old brand to stay relevant and attract new markets, without alienating our loyal consumers. This new direction has exceeded all our expectations.”

Alistair Senn

Senior Brand Manager, Catelli

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As a Canadian pasta pioneer with 150 years of expertise in perfecting the art of combining simple ingredients into category-defining products, Catelli has long enjoyed the top position for pasta sales in Canada.

The brand has led the market with fibre-enriched products, whole grains and superfoods, to place wellness on the menu when we talk about pasta. While Catelli’s innovations and extensive product line-up have kept it at the top of the pasta category, its competitors have gained ground with their own innovations. That’s why Catelli set its sights on becoming the first choice for the entire lunch and dinner solutions category, not just for pasta.

With an ever-expanding product portfolio and research showing that consumers were hungry for a better on-the-shelf experience, Catelli felt it was time for a new challenge in order to keep its edge and secure its position as market leader.

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A partner for today’s families

LG2 has been Catelli’s partner for three years, working together on all facets of the brand’s external communications. But with Catelli’s offerings growing as fast as they did without any clear guidelines on how to categorize their wide variety of products, consumers were faced with too many choices and a complicated shelf experience. So LG2 embarked on an in-depth evaluation of Catelli’s portfolio to determine the best solution for the brand. 

To reposition pasta as an integral part of a complete meal while reflecting today’s  nutritional challenges and realities, products were reorganized into distinct families to facilitate consumer understanding and shelf navigation. Select products were renamed to clarify their offer, whole grain pastas were grouped together and flavoured products were given a bold, colourful new look to make them stand out and increase their taste appeal. This exercise created an entirely new framework for Catelli’s product portfolio. 

With these new categorizations, the brand aims to become a key partner of busy consumers, offering families a solution with easy, quick, nutritious products. This brings the brand’s new strategic positioning to life: Made for the Modern Meal.

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Made for the modern consumer

As we started refreshing Catelli’s brand identity, the logo was liberated from its circle and other graphic elements to give it a more contemporary, dynamic look.

To exceed everyday expectations, the design and copy style were revised to be more   inspirational and inviting and to offer more detailed nutritional and cooking information in a friendlier tone. Knowing that consumers often only read the front of the packaging, the messaging was drastically simplified and streamlined with  a new graphic grid.

We provided a better 360 pack and created a  more intuitive shelf-browsing experience with a graphic grid showcasing key product benefits and main ingredients for the enriched options. 

The new photographic approach not only enhances appetite appeal, it creates a cohesive look across all product families, pack formats and types of pasta in the Catelli portfolio. Visually, the brand blocking on the shelves has been notably improved. 

The consumer’s shelf navigation experience is also optimized with revised content on the packs, offering practical information such as the best uses for various pasta shapes, clear cooking times and the health benefits of the grains and any added nutrients. Because most people now find their recipes online, the on-box recipes were replaced with information to showcase Catelli’s friendly, approachable brand personality, including trivia and other unique product facts. All together this created a functional, fashionable and friendly brand identity and consumer experience. 

With their packs more user-friendly than ever, Catelli helps make consumers more confident than ever about their choices while the brand continues to inspire with recipes that arereadily available online for a delicious experience they can make right at home.

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Catelli Pasta was founded in Montréal, QC in 1867 by Carlo Onorato Catelli, an Italian immigrant who began the business by making macaroni and vermicelli by hand. Now, 155 years later, Catelli® pasta is ranked the #1 Canadian pasta brand and is the leader in the health and wellness pasta segment. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Catelli is part of Barilla Inc. the leading global manufacturer of pasta.