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BCF: Seize the moment. Define the future.

“Following strong multi-year growth, the time had come to refresh our brand image. LG2 was able to capture the essence of our entrepreneurial drive and passion to help build the visionary and innovative businesses of tomorrow.”

Mario Charpentier

Managing Partner and Co-Founder, BCF Business Law

BCF’s entrepreneurial spirit and avant-garde vision come together to form their single-minded mission: to help their clients view their business challenges as opportunities for growth. What started as a small Montreal-based law firm 24 years ago has now expanded its reach and presence around the world.

In order to help BCF communicate its mission of creating growth opportunities to future clients, we developed a new graphic identity and brand signature: Seize the moment. Define the future.

The circle as a centerpiece

The black circle, part of BCF’s identity since the beginning, naturally made its way into the new logo and branding – making it the centrepiece of all communication touchpoints. Whether it’s placed before the letters BCF, displayed on a print ad or animated in a digital form, the black circle represents BCF’s vision of growth, flexibility, adaptability and reflects its greatest aspirations.

The digital ecosystem

The rebranding phase of BCF led to a rethink of the brand’s digital ecosystem and the different points of contact they offered to their clients. In order to provide all the necessary information to visitors, we reviewed and revised the complete user experience on the site, simplified the navigation and optimized the mobile experience.

A new graphic language was applied to the site along with dynamic animations, transitions and visuals that support the new brand identity.

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With more than 500 employees and 275 professionals, BCF Business Law is the go-to firm for business leaders, growing companies, and well-established global enterprises that have chosen Quebec and Canada as a stepping stone to growth and success. Their relentless pursuit of excellence has earned BCF the trust of companies in all sectors of activity throughout Quebec, Canada and the world.