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A big change that deserves big support

“We’re investing in relationships, in the community, in the well-being of future generations. That’s why we’re simplifying our services for them. We’d even say that we’re humanizing it. That’s the main angle of the positioning.”

Louis-Philippe Roux

Vice-President Marketing, Beneva

Insurance was created to strengthen the community and protect its members. While this industry started out with the best of intentions, it has become increasingly complex and competitive. Major players now seem to have priorities other than people. Not Beneva.

Beneva was founded in July 2020 after La Capitale and SSQ Insurance, two well- established Quebec-based companies in the Canadian insurance industry, came together. Human values have always been their key concern, so it was only natural that the new company would share the same purpose: people. Beneva wanted to inspire confidence and, above all, humanize insurance.

LG2 supported Beneva through every stage of its creation: from corporate positioning to strategic support, including branding, naming the group, developing the digital ecosystem its gradual integration into the cross-Canadian market. This was a major project for LG2, which drew on its expertise in Quebec City, Toronto and Montreal to help create the largest group of insurers with mutualist roots in Canada.

People protecting people

When two insurance companies join forces, they join strengths. After a rigorous review by managers, employees, partners and clients across the country, it was clear that the distinctive human, caring approach of La Capitale and SSQ Insurance was central to their past success and vital to their vision of the future. Since the new company was founded on 75 years of experience and the dedication of 5,000 employees, caring and quality service were vital to the new insurance company’s positioning: “People protecting people.” It would also inspire the next steps of the Beneva/LG2 partnership.

Beneva: putting the benefits back in insurance

First, they needed a name that was modern and meaningful to Canadians. Beneva was chosen after 2,748 proposals from 11 copywriters, legal approval by BCF Business Law and a survey of 5,000 employees, partners and Canadians.

The new name speaks volumes about the new company: Beneva is benevolent by nature and puts people at the heart of its decisions. And in French, the very roots of its name — bene (good) and va (go) — have a positive ring.

Next, the brand platform was developed to animate Beneva and convey the open-minded, people-oriented company it intends to become.

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The digital ecosystem of the future

Before the Beneva website and mobile app was launched in 2022, an online showcase site conveyed the essence of Beneva and answered online questions from clients, partners and consumers. Beneva’s digital universe was deployed in Winter 2022, both modern and people-oriented with a simple, accessible and innovative user experience.

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A campaign to inform and reassure

The next step was to inform clients about La Capitale and SSQ Insurance coming together and to introduce Beneva to the general public. Beneva's first major awareness campaign rolled out across the country in Fall 2021.

Billboards and digital and television spots inform, reassure and make people smile, featuring well-known personalities who suggest that Beneva’s 5,000 employees can speak best about the new insurance company. 

Until Beneva’s services are officially available in 2022, the new brand is creating a culture of the future, deeply rooted in its founding values.



Beneva is a return to the very essence of insurance. Created by the coming together of La Capitale and SSQ Insurance, Beneva will become the largest mutualist-based group of insurance companies with more than 3.5 million members and customers. Beneva employs over 5,000 dedicated employees—people protecting people. Its human approach is rooted in mutualist values that are shared by its employees.