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Unifying a company and its subsidiaries under one brand

“Given our growth plans both within Canada and internationally, we wanted our brand to accurately reflect who we are today, as well as our vision for the future. To do so, we had to put concrete measures in place to maintain a strong, unified brand. The support provided by lg2 helped us align and clarify this identity, which is deeply rooted in our company culture."

Caroline Senay

Vice President, Communications and Marketing, Englobe

Englobe, founded in Quebec and in business for over 60 years, is a leader in the fields of the environment, engineering, soil treatment and biomass. In the last few years, Englobe began an expansion phase in Canada and Europe, acquiring complementary firms. But the various brand identities and corporate cultures diluted Englobe’s essence, both internally and externally.

Englobe asked lg2 to help make all the companies a cohesive whole – in Quebec, nationally and internationally – and to renew the family spirit the firm was founded upon.

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Venturing into the centre of Englobe to identify a 360° strategy

This meant we had to develop an overview of Englobe and its subsidiaries. We built a solid foundation for the work based on a series of individual interviews and workshops with employees, an analysis of the competition, plus a review of the trends and dynamics in the industry.

The brand strategy we established focuses on what unites Englobe, not on its technical prowess – highly diversified, yet complementary – but on its human skills. Indeed, caring, dedication and a desire to make a real impact in clients’ lives are the differentiating elements that quickly surfaced and guided the development of the brand’s fundamentals. 

Building their professional legacy together and anchoring the work in a desire to make a difference all helped to mobilize employees. New corporate values and an employer brand that reflected different aspects of the work their employees do created a solid strategic foundation.

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A unifying image to reflect the expertise

As a result, Englobe’s new brand image reflects the unifying elements of the company. Among the graphic devices created for the brand, concentric waves illustrate Englobe’s positive ripple effect on the world around it.

The connecting lines in some typographic compositions unite complementary ideas, linking the brand’s symbiotic relationship to its customers, partners and community. In a sphere evoking Planet Earth, the letter “e” unfolds in the centre to reveal a triple meaning: Englobe, Environment and Earth.

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A customized digital experience for a market leader

Like its new visual identity, the site reflects Englobe’s leadership status. Its new digital experience, which brings its 14 subsidiaries and entities together as one, is modern, dynamic, fast and user-friendly. The new website lays the groundwork for Englobe’s ambitions for the future and its growth: personalizing and regionalizing content, attracting talent and prospects, and more. Simplified services are one of the strengths of this new digital experience. Now we have a clear, concise overall offer to highlight the value of each product and service to their respective clienteles. 

Sustainability, which is so central to Englobe, was also key to creating this new digital product. Everything was done to promote Englobe’s expertise, including a large section dedicated to outreach and networking.

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Creating a sense of belonging: a people perspective pays off

So what was the impact of this new brand image and its upstream work? It instilled a sense of pride among employees and a desire to make things happen. For the first time, all Englobe’s talent is on the same page, and the company projects an image of the work their employees actually do in the field. And after all is said and done, all subsidiaries have enthusiastically and confidently embraced the change.

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Englobe is a leader in the fields of the environment, engineering, soil and biomass treatment, as well as managing the quality and integrity of assets.

A flagship company in Quebec, Englobe has been a force in Canada, France and the United Kingdom for over 60 years.

Englobe features 100 service points and facilities, including offices, laboratories and treatment, recycling and composting centres. With offices across Canada, the United Kingdom and France, it is uniquely positioned to support projects from small to large, at various stages and in many sectors.

With its range of value-added services, from consulting to implementing turnkey projects, Englobe has earned a reputation for integrity, credibility and people-oriented values.