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Small jars that give people a great taste for buying responsibly

“LG2 understood the essence of La Transformerie and communicated our mission and our products’ quality within a very small packaging space that says a lot to the consumer and the impact their purchase has.”

Guillaume Cantin

Co-founder and General Manager, La Transformerie


La Transformerie


Branding and Design

La Transformerie, a non-profit co-founded by well-known Quebec chef Guillaume Cantin, is on a mission to eliminate food waste. Its product line Rescapés (or “rescued”), developed in 2019, features marmalades, sauces and spreads made from fruit that goes unsold in grocery stores. The products embody La Transformerie’s purpose by demonstrating it’s possible to have a positive impact on the environment simply by consuming responsibly.  

La Transformerie’s flagship products, however, were easy to overlook on shelves due to their small size. It was time for Rescapés products to increase their visibility and ultimately their impact. LG2 helped update the products’ positioning and brand image, ensuring they better represented La Transformerie’s vision to consumers.

The challenge? Expressing the ambitious mission that these small jars contain in a simple, unique and eye-catching way.

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Telling a big story in small spaces

The contagious optimism of La Transformerie’s founders quickly became the basis of the brand’s new positioning: impact has never tasted this good. Why? Because the pleasure of eating can both please our taste buds and be good for the environment. 

The small Rescapés jars, which had playfully but quietly expressed their mission, now hold pride of place on store shelves thanks to a greater visual impact that highlights not only the use of unsold fruit saved from the garbage bin, but also the name of the chef behind the tasty recipes: Guillaume Cantin. A sure mark of quality and flavour on packaging that clearly speaks to the products’ mission and reminds us that every gesture counts.

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Rounded curves full of meaning

With artisanal products fiercely competing for attention on grocery store shelves, Rescapés products stand out with saturated colour illustrations on a deep blue background, suggestive of recycling bins. La Transformerie’s mission is articulated even through its visual treatment.

The refreshed logo’s curves and the fruit’s roundness allude to a rebound: the foods have bounced back and found new life, saved from a wasteful end.

This colourful, appetizing and inspiring platform highlights the refined and delicious side of the circular economy.

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Founded in 2017, La Transformerie reduces food waste by implementing positive and effective solutions to tackle the problem of unsold food in grocery stores and fruit shops while raising awareness of the issue among retailers and the general public.

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