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Showcasing Quebec products

“It’s a massive challenge to update a brand that not only involves 1,200 members, but appears on some 22,000 products and is a part of Quebecers’ daily lives. Our new platform reflects the dynamic energy of the local agri-food industry.”

Marie Beaudry

Executive Director, Aliments du Québec

A certification all Quebecers are familiar with, Aliments du Québec was using an outdated logo that easily got lost on packaging that was often cluttered with information. It needed more than just a new logo; in order to unify and communicate the human stories behind Quebec food products, it needed an entire new identity, brand and communication platform.

To accompany the brand in its evolution, and ultimately, to encourage Quebec consumers to eat local, a flexible, unifying identity platform was created. It contributes to making the Aliments du Québec brand a symbol of local know-how.


The new identity retains several elements of the former logo while also establishing a clear break. The yellow and the blue remain, but the logo’s oval form has taken the round shape of the letter Q, making the most of the available space on packaging. The use of the logo, which often appears in minimum size on cluttered packaging, meant we had to simply its shape as much as possible.

Moreover, printing constraints required us to design a logo that worked equally well in black & white and reversed versions. Lastly, the similarity between the various certifications makes Quebec consumers’ lives easier, who now have a single visual clue to help them recognize and buy local products.

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Given the strong notoriety of the former Aliments du Québec logo, a launch campaign was orchestrated to accompany the deployment of the new identity and to ensure the public was aware of the brand’s transition. The different campaign pieces strongly emphasize the new brand platform and remind consumers that Aliments du Québec is there to help make choosing easier.

It was critical that the new logo be present everywhere, in all executions. Plus, the mechanism of the ribbon that unfurls to tell a story from consumers’ lives or those of the artisans working in the agri-food industry highlights the process and local savoir-faire, from the land right to the plate.

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Aliments du Québec is the only organization that guarantees the origin of the products that it oversees and certifies. Founded in 1996 by members of the Filière agroalimentaire québécoise, Aliments du Québec is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote Quebec’s agri-food industry through a certification program comprised of Aliments du Québec and Aliments préparés au Québec, and their respective sub-certifications.