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Proving the power of ALL OUT

“While CCM goes all out, all the time, to develop new gear that continually exceeds expectations, we also need to rise above the innovation arms race by creating product launch campaigns that seize people’s imaginations.”

Caroline Losson

Chief Marketing Officer, CCM Hockey

When CCM launched its ALL OUT global platform at the beginning of 2020, it was a bold, aggressive and authentic statement of brand purpose. Then it was time to put the flexibility of this platform to the test for individual product launches.

Jetspeed FT3 Pro stick: Connor Everywhere

The new Jetspeed FT3 Pro stick features a hybrid kick point that maximizes power for long-range bombs and a hyper-quick release for sniping close to goal. We launched this with a film shot in Edmonton, Banff, Alaska, New York City, Iceland and...Lake Baikal, Siberia (just north of Mongolia) proving that scoring from everywhere means literally, everywhere.

Mobile Ft3

SuperTacks AS3 Pro stick: Power Trip

The third-generation AS3 Pro is built for power. The kind of power that legendary power broker Alexander Ovechkin drools over. We launched this with a film shot in a fictional power-testing lab (created in Washington’s Capital One Arena), hooking Ovi up to a Rocky IV-era machine and letting him rip some clappers to test the power of each successive AS3 Pro stick.

SuperTacks AS3 Pro skate: One-Piece Power

Brent Burns is a wild man. The future Hall of Famer is famous for his beard, his gap-tooth grin and his sprawling Texas ranch where he spends the off-season with herds of African antelope, wild boar, wildebeest and far too many poisonous snakes. To launch the new One-Piece Boot in its Super Tacks AS3 Pro iteration, we imagined what Burnsie’s off-season training regime might be like. Then we shot it. Snakes and all.

AXIS goalie gear: The Pad Cave

The new AXIS line of goalie gear is the most innovative set of pads created by CCM to date. Designed in Canada with the next generation of lightning-quick goalies in mind, this setup turns athletes like Marc-André Fleury into superhumans. We revealed the new line from a top secret bunker created in the basement of the Las Vegas Knights’ T-Mobile arena. Code word: Flower.

1 Landing Axis
3 Section Video

Tacks 910 helmet: Power Trip

The Tacks 910 helmet hides the latest protective technology in a supremely comfortable and good-looking helmet that can handle the glass-shattering hits and board-shuddering grinding of the NHL. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to Burnsie.

MOBILE burns

An ALL OUT display

With the goal of making the CCM brand stand out in-store, we took a simple and clean approach when redesigning the architecture for its displays. Adaptable to all types of stores and easy to assemble, CCM ALL OUT product displays pick up the visual language of the brand’s new graphic platform, so that consumers recognize the products at a glance. The interchangeable and versatile display system scores big with its ability to accept both 2D product information (via a magnetic mechanism) and 3D elements, offering store owners solid support whatever the product.

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CCM (formerly Canadian Cycle and Motor) is a 121-year-old hockey equipment manufacturer headquartered in Montreal. They design gear for all levels of players, including a significant proportion of NHL professionals. Key endorsees include Connor McDavid, Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, Carey Price, Brent Burns and Marc-André Fleury.