Delivering a 1.8-pound book about premature birth

“The emotional weight of a premature birth is difficult to grasp until it’s experienced. The fragility of the tiny infant contrasts starkly with the weight of the ordeal the family and child face. Préma-Québec had the incredible opportunity to work with the creators behind this work which will undoubtedly touch the hearts of Quebecers and, in so doing, further Préma-Québec's mission.”

Ginette Mantha

Founder and Executive Director, Préma-Québec

To mark World Prematurity Day, Préma-Québec hopes to raise awareness among Quebecers of the importance of supporting parents of children born prematurely, a reality that affects nearly one in 10 births in the province each year. To do so, creative agency LG2 collaborated with Préma-Québec to develop an original idea that has the power to capture the fragility of a preterm baby: a book featuring four lighthearted stories about premature births. This book also literally carries a message that goes far beyond the words and illustrations of its contributing creators; the book weighs 1.8 pounds, the same as a very premature baby.


“It's not every day that you get the chance to work on a book, especially in a creative agency. Le livre de 1,8 livre (The 1.8-pound book) is a long-term project that required creativity from beginning to end. After a two-year collaboration with Préma-Québec, an organization with a noble and critical mission, it’s humbling to see the work of so many talented people with so much expertise in a small object that will do so much to raise awareness.”

Sarah-Maude Raymond

Supervisor, Account Services, LG2


Like a premature baby, the book will arrive a month early. Originally scheduled to launch on December 17, Le livre de 1,8 livre (The 1.8-pound book) will be launched on November 17 to mark World Prematurity Day. LG2’s initiative illustrates the power of small details – the book’s jacket protects the delicate face on the cover and keeps it warm. The tiny face, just 23 cm in circumference, reflects the reality of a very premature baby. Through the pages of poignant stories and beautiful illustrations, the reader observes the subtly changing dimensions of a baby's head at different weeks of gestation. As they read, the actual physical weight of the book reminds them of the fragile reality in their hands.


Préma-Québec is the only organization in the province that comes to the aid of parents of premature children. Yet every year in Quebec, 8% of births take place before term. Founded in 2003 by preemie parents, the association is supported by doctors, nurses and other professionals working in neonatology. Préma-Québec regularly holds discussion groups at six neonatal units in Quebec. It organizes annual training sessions for healthcare professionals and holds activities to raise awareness about prematurity among the general public.