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Creating a brand Down Under

“When we received the mandate to establish a shipping company in Australia, we said yes. Our brand needed to state loudly and clearly that we do things differently.”

Martin Céré

Chef, Technologie & Numérique / CIO, Intelcom

If you shop frequently online, you’ve no doubt noticed Intelcom delivery trucks. The shipping company specializing in e-commerce has conquered most of the Canadian market on the strength of its quick and reliable service.

Impressed with its performance north of the border, the American giant approached Intelcom to develop its Australian operations. The shipping company then got in touch with LG2, with whom it has been doing business for more than 3 years, to join it on this mad adventure. Straight out of the gate, we encountered our first challenge: We had to drop the name Intelcom.

A laid-back brand takes off

This meant Intelcom and LG2 had carte blanche to create a new 100% Australian identity. And so Dragonfly was born. A new shipping company with authentic Aussie attitude.

Dragonfly’s business model is highly flexible: Drivers are actually contract workers who use their own vehicles to get packages to their destination. It was therefore essential to create a strong brand that would rally this team of independent drivers under the same banner.

The modern and dynamic brand captures the innovative business model and breaks from the more conventional players active in the Australian market.

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The importance of synergy

In order to support the company’s development in Australia, we needed to establish a synergy between Dragonfly and Intelcom, which enjoys a solid reputation in Canada. The use of lines in Intelcom’s logo to represent delivery routes was borrowed to construct Dragonfly’s identity, specifically the initial “D” of its name. The double lines are also a subtle nod to the Intelcom brand – an important visual cue that ties the two entities together.

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Not your standard colour palette

Dragonfly’s official brand colours are limited to turquoise, black and white. That said, the brand’s visual iterations, symbol and signature can all make use of the secondary colours, which are many. The distinctive look captures the brand’s laid-back and refreshing image and personality. Clearly, Dragonfly is cut from a different cloth than its competitive cohorts.

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Pilot project in Brisbane

Dragonfly launched its operation in test mode in the city of Brisbane in 2021. Results should be available in the coming months, but the delivery company is already planning to expand its services across the country in the near future.

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Intelcom is a shipping company using a technological platform that offers quick, reliable solutions adapted to both retailers and consumers. A leader in the e-commerce shipping sector in Canada, Intelcom delivers nearly 400,000 packages each day, sorted at 60 stations in 9 provinces. The company, headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, has some 2,500 permanent employees in Canada and does business with more than 470 shipping partners. Founded in 1986, Intelcom is the parent company of Dragonfly Shipping Pty Ltd, operating in Australia since 2021.