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A new identity that goes the distance

“Our goal is to provide consumers and retailers with the most reliable delivery service best suited to their needs. We needed a new brand identity that would modernize Intelcom and more accurately reflect the efficiency and flexibility that we strive to offer with every delivery.”

Jean-Sébastien Joly

President, Intelcom

As online sales continue to grow at a rapid pace around the world, Intelcom needed to differentiate itself in order to position itself as a leading player in the delivery industry for its business partners and employees. With even higher expectations for parcel delivery, consumers want more, adding pressure on brands that do business online.

Speed, flexibility, predictability – these are the three pillars on which Intelcom must rely to meet the needs of its customers and their consumers. To do so, Intelcom had to position itself as a modern partner adapted to today's new realities with the ability to respond to the unique requirements of each of its customers

New brand image

With over 4,000 couriers across Canada, Intelcom has experienced significant growth over the past four years. It needed to build an attractive brand to attract enough delivery drivers, who are already in high demand, to meet the needs of its pan-Canadian network.

We therefore developed a brand that combines the flexibility required by partners with the quality of service expected by the consumer, and that promotes the sense of belonging sought after by the delivery staff.

03 Intelcom Papeterie

Details of the identity

The entire new brand platform illustrates the path taken to get to a consumer. Intelcom's identity is represented by two large red stripes, reminiscent of the route each package takes, and a small, stylized white delivery van.

The minimalist and personalized approach reflects the modern and autonomous structure of the company. Together, these elements serve as complementary visual identifiers of the brand, which can be adapted in many different forms.

04 Intelcom Gear
06 A Intelcom Livreur
06 B Intelcom Avis EN
06 C Intelcom Camion

Transposing the brand

Due to the versatility of the new image, the graphic platform can easily be transposed to the walls of the company's head office in Montreal. We therefore designed the brand to fit within Intelcom's physical spaces.

This variation makes it possible to speak directly to employees, to reinforce the employer brand and their sense of belonging to Intelcom, which now has distinct and recognizable colours.

08 A Intelcom Amenag
08 B Intelcom Amenag
08 C Intelcom Amenag
08 D Intelcom Amenag
08 E Intelcom Amenag


Intelcom is a parcel delivery company known for its business model based on flexibility. The company specializes in “last mile” delivery and is able to easily adapt to market fluctuations and brand demands in terms of delivery. Intelcom does business with major companies across Canada, including Amazon.