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A digital ecosystem that rewrites insurance codes

“The Digital Experience group at LG2 allowed us to push the envelope with our ambitions. We have created a foundation for a different digital experience, which talks about insurance in a simple and tangible way, so our customers really feel that we’re there to support them.”

Marie-Andrée Girard

Senior Manager, Digital Channels, Beneva


Digital Experience
— Consulting
— Strategy
— UX/UI Design
— User Testing
— Digital Copywriting

Resulting from the merger between La Capitale and SSQ Insurance, Beneva is the insurance company that puts people first. So what does a people-first digital experience look like?

No more jargon, no more confusion and no more tedious online experiences. Beneva's new ecosystem informs and empowers customers by proactively guiding them through the customer journey.

Navigation inspired by the key stages of the customer journey

Based on the current performance of the SSQ Insurance and La Capitale websites as well as semantic analysis and user research, the new site’s navigation was designed first and foremost to more naturally reflect user behaviours and reflexes. 

As opposed to product-based navigation, this approach is centred on the customer journey– from purchase to service delivery– thereby reinforcing the perception of an integrated offer.

Clear, descriptive content that makes decisions easier

The general public’s basic lack of knowledge about insurance is a chief concern in the industry. The new Beneva site offers educational and interactive content that is designed to help current and potential customers fully understand the company’s insurance products.

This approach provides a more enjoyable and less anxiety-inducing experience for consumers and also offers the brand an ideal playground to boost SEO performance.

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Engaging product pages that prompt conversion

Beneva drew inspiration from e-commerce in order to make shopping for insurance products easier: products are presented in a clear, easy-to-understand way and customers have more control during the search process.

The brand’s Product Detailed Pages (PDPs) were inspired by modern, high-performance e-commerce experiences. From visuals that bring products to life, to attributes that accurately explain what’s being chosen and the thoughtful placement of calls to action, everything has been carefully crafted to provide an engaging shopping experience.

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A reassuring, accessible and inspiring tone

Nearly 230 content templates and 150 original visuals were created, all with the same aim: to truly help consumers navigate the world of insurance.

By proposing a reassuring, accessible and inspiring tone, LG2’s digital visual content creators and editors have helped Beneva build trust among its customers and stand apart from the competition.

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More autonomy for customers

The “Services and Tools” section gives Beneva policyholders more autonomy during their online experience. It features content encouraging them to take advantage of digital services such as the Client Centre space and Beneva mobile app.

An iterative approach

The mobile app is a key point of interaction in the insurance customer's experience. Using an iterative approach, this initial version brings Beneva to life in a modern and dynamic way while providing easy access to the brand’s most popular services.

Making it easy to file a claim

Group insurance claims are the service most used by Beneva policyholders. Beneva not only makes filing claims easier, it also encourages the use of its mobile app by giving it a central role in the process.

Insurance documents all within reach

Whether it’s making it easier to present insurance cards or grouping contracts together, the new Beneva mobile app helps customers access all their important documents in just a few clicks.

More than a website and app: the revamping of 5,000 digital components

The collaboration between Beneva and LG2 enabled the creation of a powerful yet flexible design system to support all of the brand's digital needs. By standardizing its digital components, Beneva has ensured greater consistency across its ecosystem and now has the ability to adapt more quickly to the brand’s future needs.

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Created through the merger of La Capitale and SSQ Insurance, Beneva is the largest mutual insurance company in Canada, with more than 3.5 million members and customers, and more than 5,000 dedicated employees – people looking out for people. The brand's people-centred approach is anchored in the mutual values shared by its employees. With assets of $25 billion, Beneva is a leading player among the biggest names in the insurance and financial services industry in Canada. The company’s head office is located in Quebec City.

Holders of Groupe Beneva Inc. policies are members of SSQ Mutual and La Capitale Civil Service Mutual.