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Maryse Gagné: Life is now

Appreciating everyday beauty, forest bathing, book binging and moments shared with friends and family – these are just a few of the soul-satisfying activities that Maryse makes room for in her life. She has both feet firmly in the now, letting her senses guide her as she savours gourmet discoveries or takes in art exhibits.


A graphic designer at LG2 for over 20 years, Maryse currently puts her skills to work as a layout artist, helping to apply brand images created by her talented colleagues to different creative assets. An avid theatregoer – you might catch her at La Bordée, Le Périscope or the Grand Théâtre – she carefully plans her cultural agenda every fall. She’s also a big fan of Le Diamant, a multidisciplinary cultural venue in Old Quebec where many of her passions take the stage: theatre, dance, circus, opera and wrestling (you might have to grapple with that last one, but it’s true).

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If you’re looking for Maryse, try outdoors. Having grown up in the country, she’s at home in nature. The forest serves as inspiration for her photographs and handicrafts. In the concrete jungle, she transforms into an urban explorer, admiring colourful murals that satisfy her need for beauty amidst the city’s hustle and bustle.

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Maryse never hesitates to stop at a modern art gallery to take in the latest work by visual artists of all kinds, from ceramicists and sculptors to painters and textile artists. One day, she’d like to collect art and create her own personal gallery.

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After a stop at a gallery, she’ll turn to perusing books, wandering between bookstore shelves with an inquisitive eye. Long before she could even read a dust jacket, she was fascinated by the texture of the paper, the typography and illustrations. Need a book recommendation? You’ll be easily won over by Maryse’s enthusiasm for her latest favourites.

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When something captures Maryse’s heart, a never-ending love affair ensues. Take her interest in language. She’s been learning Italian for several years and finally set foot on Venetian soil in 2022 during her visit to the Venice Biennale. She came back from this milestone trip with a mission: to enrich her father’s life through art. Upon her return, she drew up a list of artwork they could go and see together. They did so Italian-style, stopping for an obligatory cappuccino and dessert each time. These outings now form a mosaic of wonderful memories of her father’s final year.

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A breast cancer diagnosis suddenly cast a shadow over these rich moments. In the midst of the pandemic, her illness put everything into perspective. Despite the mourning and hardship she experienced, what remains with her today is the love that tightly wove itself around her. Family, friends and colleagues were constantly at her side supporting her. In the crucible of cancer, she came to know dimensions of life that until then had been hidden.

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Maryse can’t ignore the sword of Damocles dangling overhead. A urgency to live, which has taken hold of her at every level, emanates from her. Why live life to the fullest tomorrow? Life is now.

LG2 would like to thank Le Diamant, the Chouquette pastry shop, the Pantoute bookstore and Centre Materia, who generously welcomed us as part of the Peek series.
Photographs courtesy of Florence Thouin
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Maryse Gagné, Layout Artist