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Chloé Brossard: Authentically made

Incorporating art into everyday life has always been a source of inspiration and joy for Chloé. From hours of dance classes over the years to developing her signature thriftcore-meets-streetwear style and snapping food photography on social media, she’s always been driven by beauty and a desire to express herself.

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An account supervisor at LG2, Chloé has spent the past six years kneading, throwing and glazing pottery at Maison Stoï, a small, tight-knit studio in Montreal’s La Petite-Patrie neighbourhood. This creative oasis provides an escape from her daily routine, allowing her to create freely, with no expectations.

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For Chloé, shaping an object with her hands is the ultimate expression of art. A throwback to days spent playing with modelling clay, the process reminds her of childhood and a time when it was easy to create without asking questions. This youthful spirit can be found in every vase and bowl that her fingers give shape to on the potter’s wheel. Each piece is unique and inspired by the moment, refusing to follow a predetermined plan.

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Chloé doesn’t sign her pieces as many artists do. A small, bubble-like circle containing her initial is her signature touch. She finds it hard to part with her creations, only once letting them go to a few lucky friends on her social media platforms. Most end up in her cozy apartment not far from the studio.

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Recipe books, novels, travel guides and pottery line the shelves of her home, which combines modern and Mid-Century design. The scope of Chloé’s passions are reflected in both her choice of decor and the wide range of subjects that pique her interests. A food and wine aficionado, she’s always on the lookout for the hottest spot in town. Scroll through her social media and you’ll quickly see the importance she places on good food.

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Lately, she’s been on a kick for Korean cuisine, no doubt because the country tops her lengthy travel bucket list. To make sure she’s ready to be fully immersed in Korean culture – as she does when preparing for any adventure to new lands – Chloé is reading (and eating) as much as she can beforehand.

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This love of Asia started with a trip to Japan, which remains a defining experience of her young adult life. The fashion, food and delicate mix of tradition and modernity left a profound impression on her. If she could, she’d take a year off to travel the whole continent…while dreaming of one day living in Paris (her aspirations tend to go off in different directions).

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Chloé’s diverse tastes intersect in the various spheres of her life. But look beyond this eclectic mix and what you’ll find – what matters most to her – is authenticity. Authenticity in experiences, in people and in all that she creates.

LG2 would like to thank Maison Stoï and the Vinvinvin wine bar, who generously welcomed us as part of the Peek series.
Photographs courtesy of Florence Thouin
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Chloé Brossard, Account Supervisor