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Simon Boisvert: Emotion in motion

In a twist on Descartes, Simon literally embodies “I dance, therefore I am.” He was born into a family of artists, so he’s not exactly sure whether he chose dance or dance chose him. When he was a child, his father impersonated Elvis Presley, sparking Simon’s love of performance. The stage played a big role in his home life and music nourished his knack for creating larger-than-life worlds filled with costumes and glitter. This sets the scene for Simon’s world.

01 PEEK Simon Boisvert

Simon walked through the doors of a dance school at the tender age of four and he hasn’t looked back since. Most of his youth was spent on stage, dabbling in different artistic disciplines, including theatre. He has appeared on stage as a member of a troupe, a soloist, a moderator and has explored an array of dance styles: ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, jazz, Charleston and musical comedy.

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Dance truly became his driving passion in his teens, when he started teaching: It was the perfect way to combine his love of dance with his love of people. As a choreographer, he approaches dance in new ways, inspiring others to surpass themselves and push beyond what even he can do. Ever on the move, he branched out into theatre and art history in college.

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He briefly studied towards a bachelor’s degree in dance, but his practical experience proved more advanced than his studies. Since the dream never dies, he still aspires to be in the cast of a Broadway musical, even though it’s a long way from home. Until he gets his big break, Simon has stepped into the world of communications where he can forge firm bonds, stay close to the stage and indulge his passion for dance. So far, so good: He’s in his second season as a member of the Révolution production team and he continues to be inspired by the stage.

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Despite his love of dance, Simon has always felt that he didn’t fit the image of a dancer, a feeling which, slowly but surely, manifested in profound issues with his body and self-esteem. Today, he’s encouraged to see more body diversity in the public sphere. After all, representation matters and validates everyone. Simon firmly believes that everyone has a place and the right to make a living from their art.

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So what is the enduring role of art in his life? The dance ethic has a positive impact in every aspect of his daily life, especially at work. To Simon, his work as a traffic coordinator is like being part of a stage crew. He jokes that he quietly sits in the back row far from the LG2 spotlight. But the truth is that he’s a key player, who quietly and humbly makes every project flow. 

Simon is deeply attached to LG2, an agency that has a place for everyone and where everyone makes him feel at home. He’s grateful for this safe space: Every day is different and work is a whirlwind! He’s in the right place because there’s no better place to share his passion than with colleagues who have followed him on his unique creative journey.

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Today, Simon still lives intensely, through successes and failures, touched by the maturity he has learned from life. When you’re around him, all feels right in the world. Simon is truly an inspiration. 

LG2 would like to thank Café Parvis for generously hosting our Peek series. 
Photographs courtesy of Florence Thouin.
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Simon Boisvert, Traffic Manager