A new identity that goes the distance

“Our goal is to provide consumers and retailers with the most reliable delivery service best suited to their needs. We needed a new brand identity that would modernize Intelcom and more accurately reflect the efficiency and flexibility that we strive to offer with every delivery.”

- Jean-Sébastien Joly, President, Intelcom

New Brand Image

Web 16 9 Intelcom Shoot Mod Papeterie 01 Ret V F
Web 16 9 Intelcom Shoot Mod Gear Ret V F

Web 169 Intelcom Shoot Jacket Montage
Web 169 Porte Pour Intelcom En
Web 169 Intelcom Vans Version Banding Corr

Brand Development

Intelcom Archi 16 97 Low

Intelcom Archi 16 93 Low

Intelcom Archi 16 914 Low

Intelcom Archi 16 95 Low

Intelcom Archi 16 96 Low

In short




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