Ubisoft invites fans to face their own breakpoints

“When the team came to me and said they wanted to have a fan try out the game while parachuting, I realized that we’re really going to push the limits.”

Simon Joly

Senior Marketing Manager, Ubisoft Canada


Ubisoft Canada



To support the Ghost Recon Breakpoint release, Ubisoft Canada launched the “Test your breakpoint” social media stunt in order to stir up excitement for the game among a niche target audience while celebrating the passion of Canadian players.

Fans stepped forward ready for anything in order to get their chance to be the first to try the game; Ubisoft obliged with a challenge.

Capture the attention of gamers

Given that the target is bombarded with an array of content and entertainment, combined with fierce industry competition, we needed an original way to capture their attention.

The campaign had to be a departure from the expected, so we chose to borrow codes from the content that the target consumes and turned the intensity and emotion right up.

01 Rafting 525 1920x1080
02 Rafting 697 1920x1080
03 Side by Side 888 1920x1080
04 1920x1080

Extreme conditions

A few excited (and slightly terrified) fans got their chance to experience the universe of the game while manoeuvring through extreme conditions, whether on rafting, ATVing, propelling face-forward or parachuting.

The campaign can be seen in 4 short and intense 15s videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. A 1-minute video mash-up can also be found on social media.

05 1920x1080
06 Decalade 307 1920x1080
07 Composition 1 00238 1920x1080
08 Composition 1 01371 1920x1080

The results

The stunt allowed us to strongly associate the unique experiences lived by our fans with the game’s intensity.

By featuring the extreme situations the gamers faced in order to get their chance to try the game, the campaign also turned Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s release into a thrilling event.

Behind the scenes of the stunt


Ubisoft Canada, working closely with the company’s offices in San Francisco, manages marketing for the Ubisoft brand lineup in Canada and for all of Latin America. Based in the heart of Montreal, the teams’ mission is to ensure players and consumers are satisfied with every aspect of their Ubisoft experience.