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Transforming a brand identity into a workspace

“LG2 understands how Ludia has evolved over the past years and was able to translate that into our new office spaces, logo, and brand image. We now have a brand that accurately reflects who we are.”

Isabelle Frenette

Vice-President, Human Resources

Founded in 2007, Ludia is a video game development studio that evolved rapidly – perhaps a little too rapidly – for the industry. In 2011, the studio took the bold step to focus exclusively on mobile gaming. As one of the first companies of its kind, it has long been held back by the perception that the mobile platform offers second-rate entertainment and struggles to fully express its ambitions and cred. It was time for Ludia to align its brand identity with its actual image, both in substance and style.

Today mobile video gaming is the world’s number one entertainment segment among all media. This leading position needed to be felt in Ludia’s brand identity, the proud voice with which it speaks to its people and its ability to attract future generations of artists, game designers and developers. LG2 set to work to understand, listen to and support Ludia in transforming its brand image and experience.

Putting talent at the brand’s heart

The completely new Ludia identity is a result of a more assertive direction fed by a brand strategy that rallies both management, and especially, employees. A more confident, vibrant and audacious brand that reflects the new face of mobile gaming and an exciting future that is now in play.

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An image with an on-screen feel

For the brand image, the rules of the game were simple: avoid industry clichés and go deep. The results can be seen, for example, in the logo’s shape that thoughtfully mimics the shape of a smartphone. The colours chosen suggest the glow of those from a mobile screen. Unified through a backlit effect, several brand elements play host to a dance between light and shadow.

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Extending the brand to workspaces

The work quickly extended to the employee experience through a revamp and reorganization of the workspaces undertaken by the LG2 Architecture team, in the midst of a pandemic and resulting uncertainties. The brand was brought to life in a tangible way for the people who benefit from it the most: Ludia’s talents.

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From fringe to favourite

Since Ludia’s rebranding, the company has scored win after win and proudly sports its new identity, applauded by everyone who interacts with it.

For starters, the brand is completing its migration from a UK telecommunications hub (FremantleMedia Group) to one of the world’s most highly regarded video game development studios (Jam City). 

Then, the brand has continued to grow since its launch, now with nearly 400 employees helping to develop the best mobile games in the country, to create a proud local company that competes with internationally renowned Montreal-based studios.

More than a strong employer brand, Ludia is a poster story for the power of a brand that’s thoughtfully developed in a holistic way and offers a coherent experience to its talents, partners, and ultimately, to its users.
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Founded in Montreal in 2007, Ludia is one of Canada’s leading mobile video game companies. Its ambition is to become a part of everyone’s life, to spark the flame of their imagination and make a positive impact on their daily lives. The studio is proud to develop a high-quality games’ portfolio based on iconic brands such as Jurassic World Alive, DreamWorks Dragons: Titan Uprising, Warriors of Waterdeep, Lovelink, Jurassic World: The Game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Legends, DreamWorks Dragons: Rise of Berk and many more. The studio, now a Jam City company, welcomes 400 dynamic and bright crew members. Awarded Canada’s Best Game Maker by Apple, Ludia was also recognized as one of Montreal’s Top Employers in 2021.