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Re-energizing a true breakfast icon

“Vector needed to evolve from hardcore athlete nutrition to accessible food with protein for active people.”

Jeff Chatterton

Senior Brand Manager, Kellogg’s




Branding and Design

Launched in the late 90s, Vector is a true pioneer of protein-rich breakfast food. Packed with key nutrients, it was initially positioned for athletes as food to fuel their athletic aspirations. However, by focusing solely on nutritional value and performance, Vector was being overlooked by many consumers looking for an easy option to help fuel their active everyday lifestyles. This, combined with a dramatic increase in competition in the protein segment during the last 10 years, made Vector ready for a redesign.

Our opportunity was to break the narrow perception associated with the product and unlock the full potential of the Vector product portfolio. To achieve this, we needed to expand the target market from results-driven athletes to a broader consumer group of active people and demonstrate the many benefits of Vector products.

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One word: Focus

We evolved the packaging of the Vector product family (Original Vector meal replacement,* new Vector Maple Crunch cereal and Vector Granola), by streamlining the visuals in order to focus on the product itself. Presenting it in a more accessible and appealing way helped increase purchase intent among the Active People target consumer group.

Through new photography and packaging design, we elevated taste appeal and reinforced the product as an energizing food that fuels an active lifestyle. We also conveyed a level of premiumness against competing brands.

The bold new Vector wordmark brings strength and energy to the overall brand and achieves maximum breakthrough on shelf. We maintained the equity of the Vector “V” and gave it purpose by using it as a graphic framing device for the product, drawing the eye up to the centre of the packaging.

*Because of its high vitamin, mineral, protein and nutrient content, Vector is classified as a meal replacement and not a cereal.
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To elevate the product’s taste appeal, we captured a new, close-up hero shot of the product on a spoon showing the individual flakes and crunchy granola clusters in crisp detail, while the milk splashes convey a sense of energy and motion. 

The result is a new package design that expresses the full power of this well-loved food brand.

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Vector : Winning Gold Again.

Immediately following launch, Vector sales surged ahead, beating the category by 44%, with continued growth throughout the year, eventually doubling the category growth average. One year after launch, Vector sales were up 11% while the category declined by 8%. All of this helped Vector to increase its market share by 0.5 pts and its revenue by 14% year over year. Vector has once again reclaimed its champion status.

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Founded in 1898, Kellogg’s is one of the world’s largest consumer packaged food companies, with products sold in over 180 countries. It manages the W.K. Kellogg Institute for Food and Nutrition Research dedicated to the healthy processing of grains thanks to the work of expert engineers and nutritionists. Kellogg’s is also known for its social involvement among agriculture producers and its action plan for reducing pesticide use on grain crops. Vector is one of the company’s 19 brands.