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Quality organic wines coming to a grocery store near you

“The range of products in the Stefano line has always been about the essence of Italian food: simple and tasty. But one thing was always missing in the culinary experience we wanted to offer: wine. We had our work cut out for us: we had to show that you can find quality wine on grocery store shelves! Working with Lassonde made it all happen, and together we developed organic wines, the first to find their way onto supermarket shelves.”

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Launched in 2017, the Stefano brand quickly found a place in grocery stores in Quebec and then from coast to coast. From a few tomato sauces, the product line has grown to include ready-to-eat cooking ingredients that make it simple to serve the taste of Italy at home.

But you simply cannot get the total Italian culinary experience without a good glass of wine, and the Stefano brand was not on grocery store wine shelves. Lassonde and Stefano Faita rose to the occasion and joined forces to launch the first line of organic wine in grocery stores in Quebec.

The goal was to conquer a new category of products by taking the same approach that has made the Stefano brand so successful: a focus on simple, quality products with a modern Italian spirit.

Preconceived notions about grocery store wines were the only thing standing in our way. We had to find a way to stand out in this very competitive category and win over consumers, while respecting the established Stefano brand.

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Adapt while respecting a recognizable visual identity

To make its way into consumers’ shopping carts, we added wine codes while respecting the visual identity of the Stefano brand. Adapting visuals to highlight the organic aspect, a differentiating element in this grocery store category, made them stand out on the shelves.

To achieve this, we developed a consumer-focused marketing campaign in many stores. Dynamic materials, such as displays and merchandising elements, all helped to create displays of must-buy products in grocery stores.

What’s more, wine bottle neck tags suggesting food and wine pairings also helped consumers to discover the characteristics of the grape varietals in Stefano wines.

Finally, a wine and sauce display made a positive association with Stefano’s flagship product: tomato sauce. The simple pairing and easy choice naturally makes consumers want to complement their pasta with a glass of Stefano’s organic wine. 

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Lassonde is a North American leader in the development, manufacture and sales of a wide range of fruit and vegetable juices, and beverages marketed under brands such as Allen’s, Apple & Eve, Everfresh, Fairlee, Fruité, Graves, Northland, Oasis, Sun-Rype, Old Orchard, Rougemont and The Switch.

Lassonde is also the second largest producer of private label ready-to-drink fruit juices and beverages in the United States and a major producer of cranberry juice and beverages as well as cranberry sauce.

What’s more, Lassonde develops, manufactures and markets specialty food products under such brand names as Canton. The company imports and markets selected wines from several countries of origin and produces apple cider and wine-based beverages.

The company operates 18 plants in Canada and the United States and relies on the expertise of some 2,600 employees to deliver its superior quality products. For more information, visit www.lassonde.com.