Transforming a brand into a creative space

“ESPACE GO is an artists' space, a place for encounters and engagement. Thanks to LG2, our refreshed website and brand platform allow us to highlight what sets us apart and to promote the uniqueness of our mission – to bring the imagination of women artists to life.”

Ginette Noiseux and Mayi-Eder Inchauspé

General Managers, Theatre ESPACE GO

In 2020, LG2 and ESPACE GO began work on the theatre's repositioning. While the institution was originally known as the ”Théâtre Expérimental des Femmes” (Women’s Experimental Theatre), and its feminist mission has remained central since 1979, it was clear that this heritage was no longer generally known to the public.

In an effort to redress this situation, the theatre adopted a new positioning: “a space for exploring the imagination of women artists.” To bring this positioning to life, ESPACE GO commissioned LG2 to not only redesign its website but its entire graphic system, with the aim of putting the brand back at the heart of its communications.

A strong, flexible graphic signature

The logo – a monogram formed by the letters ”g” and ”o” – has been reworked, keeping only the frame and creating a more ”open” logo. Removing the brand’s colours, like walls falling away, takes on deeper meaning here and symbolically references the physical space.

The brand's new modular graphic system is simple and flexible; it easily adapts to communication needs, both digital and print. This refresh of the ESPACE GO brand identity ensures continuity between the visual pieces as well as a recognizable visual signature.

With respect to the posters, the visual treatment allows the public to project themselves into the unique universe of each play while linking the posters to each other. Diptychs and triptychs are framed in a way that is reminiscent of the logo, producing a subtle, thoughtful continuity.

3 EG POSTERS 01 1920
9 EG Marguerite
7 EG Trio Labreche 1920

A digital experience transformed into an exploratory space

The ESPACE GO website is more than just a showcase: it offers a digital experience centred on exploration and discovery, similar to a play taking place before your eyes. Each aspect of the website has been designed to emphasize both the theatre's feminist mission and the vision of the women artists who participate in the theatre’s programming.

As a result, the ESPACE GO website is both a digital manifesto to feminism in the arts and a place to discover the theatre’s programming. The universe designed for each individual play is enriched by elements that make up the play's creation, including educational content, position pieces and pedagogical kit.

ESPACE GO is now a diversified space whose new positioning merges the institution’s past with its present.

10 EG Mythe 1920
13 EG Duo Posters 1920
15 EG Bag 1920
16 EG Billetcloseup 1920


ESPACE GO is an artists’ space; a place of creation and theatrical production dedicated to exploring the imagination of women artists. ESPACE GO is a theatre of ideas. Its positioning is inextricably linked to its feminist roots.