An identity designed to be remixed

“The design LG2 created for Parkscapes embodies the spirit of sampling with shapes and colours that can be rearranged, repurposed and juxtaposed to make new images. It reflects the project’s intention in beautiful ways.”

Jasper Gahunia

Student Development Manager, Community Music Schools of Toronto


Community Music Schools of Toronto


Branding and Design

In 2019, Community Music Schools of Toronto and Kingsway Music Library came together to develop a groundbreaking fundraising model: Parkscapes, the first music library created to help fund music education for youth. The initiative is an innovative approach to musical collaboration, pairing local music producers with students to create albums intended for sampling and remixing by other producers and artists. The money raised from album sales, royalties and residuals from samples goes directly to the schools. Artists have taken notice, including Taylor Swift, who used a sample from Volume 2 in her song “It’s Nice to Have a Friend.”

For Parkscapes Volume 3, Community Music Schools of Toronto needed a fresh new design that represented the true spirit of the project. They partnered with LG2 to create a vibrant design system for the release and help generate excitement around the album launch.

Sample-friendly design

To launch Volume 3, we created a design system made up of simple shapes inspired by musical instruments. These shapes were then layered and sequenced to create campaign artwork that could be reimagined and remixed, just like the albums themselves. Since the music library was made for sampling, we used this idea as inspiration for the platform.

LG2 created visuals that not only reflected the school’s mission but also helped build excitement for its latest album.

05 1 PARKSCAPES folded booklet side 02
05 2 PARKSCAPES folded booklet
06 PARKSCAPES Hero visual 01 Poster
07 1 PARKSCAPES poster 02
07 2 PARKSCAPES poster 03

Bringing sound to life

We launched the new design system with Parkscapes Volume 3 on social media and in real life, including posters for internal communication to the parents and teachers. To help bring the music to life for students, T-shirts featuring a selection of unique designs from the campaign were handed out.

With a fresh makeover across multiple channels, Parkscapes now has an identity as unique as its purpose and can continue to help Community Music Schools of Toronto transform young lives through music.

08 PARKSCAPES posters
12 1 PARKSCAPES Swag 1 v2
12 2 PARKSCAPES Swag 2 v2


Community Music Schools of Toronto is a registered charity that gives children and youth a rich and rewarding music and social education by removing financial obstacles. For over 23 years, they’ve seen that the study of music allows young people to flourish – creatively, personally and academically – and enriches their lives and future prospects. Students study everything from classical piano, strings, voice, brass, wind and percussion to electronic music, songwriting and recording.