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Cannabis that does good

“Building a brand in an emerging and highly regulated market is no small matter. Brand image is critical in an environment where product promotion is banned. The entire audit and research process undertaken by the lg2 team to get a clear picture of this new industry is a valuable tool even today. The team is curious, daring and attentive – qualities that helped produce an image for Fuga that we are extremely proud of and that communicates exactly who we are: passionate entrepreneurs!”

Philippe Laperrière

Founding CEO, Groupe Fuga

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A serious cycling accident in 2018 left Philippe Laperrière with a head injury and the inability to concentrate. While investigating solutions that would improve his situation, he discovered the purported benefits of CBD, an active ingredient in cannabis that doesn’t produce psychoactive effects. After several successful tests, he was ready to take the next step. Wishing to take part in the thriving sector in Quebec, he founded Groupe Fuga with a single mission: produce small batches of premium-quality cannabis. For Fuga, it has never been about the quantity.

Over time, the company’s values took shape, centred on the plant’s medicinal virtues and Fuga’s social impact on its local community, the Stoneham region north of Quebec City. Enter lg2, who was invited on board as Fuga’s creative partner to assist in developing the company’s entire brand platform.

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An image set to flower

Groupe Fuga had an ambitious and clear goal for its brand image: It had to reflect the company’s desire to produce premium-quality cannabis and position it as the industry benchmark for buyers of medical cannabis, researchers and processors. With Fuga, Philippe and his team are also committed to creating a positive difference both locally and socially in a personalized fashion by championing respect for the individual, the environment and the law.

lg2 experts had to help Groupe Fuga carve out a premium “healthy” territory in a rapidly growing market, where lots of big players were fighting to own the field. Central to this was a brand positioning and image that showcased Fuga’s genuine social responsibility towards its home community. The agency came up with the brand positioning “the cannabis that does good” and grounded the brand platform in the notions of rootedness and growth.

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Harvesting the best information on cannabis

lg2 further supported the brand with the creation of the website, fuga.ca, which presents the product offering, and above all, educates consumers and demystifies common prejudices and beliefs surrounding cannabis.

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An experience taking root over time

Through a proactive and efficient collaboration between lg2 and Groupe Fuga, a new distinctive brand platform was delivered that will evolve and support Fuga in its expansion goals. A complete toolkit as well as a user guide that permits client teams to apply the platform on their own will help meet the company’s needs as it grows its product offer and enters additional markets.

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Do things differently, with meticulous attention. That’s the life-sized, human approach taken by Fuga to offer premium-quality medical cannabis, grown in small batches at its Stoneham facilities. Fuga was imagined as an innovative model driven by the best of nature and people.

We believe in a business model where each link in the chain makes the others stronger. Our premium-quality products have predictable effects and are produced in harmony with the environment.