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Canac has plumbers’ backs

“Being a family business also means being close to people. We say Canac helps for real because we really do – in every sense of the word. When LG2 presented us with this original idea, we had no choice but to dive in headfirst and make it happen.”

Patrick Delisle

Marketing Director, Canac

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In collaboration with LG2, the hardware store Canac is launching an unexpected campaign based on the best-known cliché about plumbers: the famous butt crack! Canac has developed a new kind of jeans called Dignity Denim. These unique pants protect the dignity of their wearers by covering up their backsides when they bend over. With this first-ever “butt-breaking” garment, the Quebec company is keeping its promise to help for real.

Dignity Denim

Released on social media on May 31, the 60-second video features plumbers taking part in a fashion photo shoot. Dressed in Dignity Denim and looking their very best, the plumbing professionals kneel on the ground without shame, well protected by these new jeans, exclusively branded and designed by the hardware store. Canac is inviting its customers to keep an eye out for the famous pants, which will be available to a lucky few in the coming weeks.

“It takes a courageous client to embrace creativity and use it to provide concrete, off-the-beaten-path solutions. Canac jumped at the chance to use this idea to promote not only the plumbing profession but also to counter the prejudices associated with it.”

Luc Du Sault

Partner, Vice-President, Executive Creative Director, LG2


Canac – the first independent hardware and construction materials chain from the Québec City region – is the product of over 140 years of experience. This great company offering over 20,000 products stands out from its competitors through its personalized customer service and competitive prices. Canac also stands out for its managerial approach based on family values, which extends to its employees. The sense of belonging among its personnel is enviable. This has a definite impact on the strength of our customer service and the desire to ensure Canac’s success. Today, Canac is composed of 31 stores and employs over 4,200 trained and qualified employees thanks to its accredited Training Centre.