BMR Pro: the new address for contractors

“Thanks to LG2’s strategic advice and tools, we are able to achieve greater uniformity between our stores, which helps to strengthen our brand image and customer experience.”

Jonathan Gendreau

Vice-President, Digital Marketing and Strategy, BMR Group


BMR Group


Branding and Design

BMR Group saw a real need among construction contractors for a store specifically targeted to them. The answer was a new banner, BMR Pro. Our architecture team was tasked with creating a cohesive uniformity across the different store banners.

With only a logo and colour as their starting point, the team visited several stores before sitting down at the drawing table. The goal of the exercise was to provide a toolbox of graphic and architectural elements that BMR Group could then integrate into its different stores.


Adapting the space

The space is divided into different zones that customers can rapidly pinpoint when they enter a BMR Pro store. The creative team took advantage of the low shelving that is unique to the BRM brand to provide a broad unobstructed view. Raw materials such as wood, steel and concrete are showcased on the walls, flooring and installations – putting contractors in familiar territory as soon as they step inside. They also enjoy tailored spaces such as a 100% PRO counter and an outside entrance, leading to a parking lot big enough to accommodate plenty of trucks.

The BMR green dominates the visual concept; the brand lives throughout the space. A combination of textures inspired by the logo adds relief to the visuals overall. Interior walls feature vinyl screens that juxtapose these graphic codes with photos and typography. The new space offers an experience that both welcomes the customer and makes employees’ lives easier, with areas behind the screens for storing material.

A graphic toolbox

The logo’s diagonal line and the raised letter “B” inspired the creative team to play with this graphic element to create a series of unique icons. BMR Pro is now equipped with a full graphic toolbox that takes its cue from the banner’s unique signage language.

Several levels of signage were created. Three-dimensional letters and signs combining icon and text were designed to mark the various spaces. The signage differs from one department to another to ensure an inflected visual result.



With its 320 points of sale, BMR Group Inc. is a subsidiary of the Coop fédérée and the first major Quebec player in the renovation sector under the banners BMR an BMR Pro (dedicated to building professionals), as well as Unimat, Potvin & Bouchard, La Shop, Agrizone and Country Store.