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LG2 and National Bank make a great match

Montreal, November 7, 2023

The partnership between National Bank and LG2, which began in early 2023, continues to benefit from a solid footing anchored in common values. Recent major initiatives reflect the strength of the two organizations’ shared creative and strategic direction. Featuring updated messaging and a unified brand image, three key campaigns on different themes were rolled out: financial independence for women, the empowerment of Generation Z and a partnership with Tennis Canada.

“LG2 has proven to be the strategic and creative partner we need. Our shared values and strategic direction are the bedrock of a very productive relationship. This close collaboration has allowed the Bank to not only communicate its core values effectively, but to accelerate its impact in the community and highlight our employees’ engagement.”

Paula Badran

Vice-President, Branding, National Bank of Canada

National Bank’s mission is to make a positive impact in people’s lives. This impact was first felt in the Women investor campaign to raise awareness of the gender gap when it comes to financial matters. Money may not be gendered, but 63% of Canadian women say they feel stressed about making financial decisions while only 46% of men say the same. What’s more, only 28% of women feel confident about investing their money. National Bank highlighted this disparity with a telling insight: autocorrect tools often flag the French word investisseuse, the gendered word for a female investor, as a mistake. The public was encouraged to adopt the word and advocate on social media for its inclusion in everyday usage. National Bank also invited Canadian women to Invest in you, a series of conferences designed to give women an opportunity to discuss financial independence and acquire the tools to achieve it.

“The Bank is a stable yet highly dynamic institution that’s always looking forward while building on its achievements. The goal of our initial mandates was to maintain continuity while updating the messaging and increasing brand recognition. To achieve this, we worked in close partnership with the National Bank teams to engage Canadians in an important conversation about money.”

Marilou Aubin

Partner, Vice-President, Creative, LG2

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Continuing the conversation on finances, National Bank then turned its attention to Generation Z: ambitious young people with big plans who want to take control of their finances. A major 360-degree campaign stressing the importance of responsible financial management was launched to initiate and maintain a dialogue with this audience. The multi-platform campaign, deployed on TV and in targeted OOH, used a communication strategy with a refreshing tone and image. A significant digital component also saw the launch of a TikTok account. Partnerships with events such as Montreal’s Piknic Électronik completed the rollout.

Finally, National Bank kicked off the summer by partnering with Tennis Canada. A campaign and key visual were created to net strong visibility for the partnership and highlight the Bank’s support for tennis in communities across the country. Breaking out of the traditional promotional model that stops at simple brand association, the initiative captured National Bank’s promise to help make tennis more accessible to all Canadians.