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Village Montreal chooses beauty over hate

Village Montreal and LG2 address the anti-drag movement


SDC du Village de Montréal

After weeks of protests targeting 2SLGBTQ+ communities, especially on the issue of storytelling by drag queens, Village Montreal wanted to send a message of kindness, inclusion and acceptance. Working with creative agency LG2, the organization is launching a vibrant initiative featuring an innovative creation: a dress made from anti-drag protest signs. Thousands of small paper petals were cut from signs modelled after those carried by protesters in Quebec – and further south – and were then used to adorn popular Montreal drag artist Sasha Baga, transforming her into a living statement. With this bold repurposing, Village Montreal seeks to underscore its support for the drag community, promote tolerance and diversity and make way for an evermore inclusive society.

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“At a time when hate speech towards 2SLGBTQ+ communities is escalating, especially against the trans community, we saw LG2’s powerful idea as a great opportunity to celebrate the art of drag – an art that until recently was confined to cabarets, bars and the Village. We wanted to pay tribute to drag queens and drag kings, artists with heart and courage who share our values of inclusion, innovation and respect.”

Gabrielle Rondy

Executive Director, Village Montreal

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“I firmly believe that beauty begets beauty. Drag culture is more than just entertainment, it’s a community of people who value the differences that make each person unique. Seeing drag queens and drag kings in public spaces raises questions, and our job is to answer them by doing what we do best: celebrating diversity.”

Sasha Baga

Drag artist and transgender woman

The dress, which will be displayed in the window of Village Montreal’s offices, can also be seen in a video filmed at Bar le Cocktail, a well-known drag cabaret in the Village. The video features Sasha Baga proudly wearing the custom-made piece as she performs under a shower of confetti made from the same anti-drag messages. This call for support can be viewed and shared on Village Montreal’s social media pages.

“We’ve been working with Village Montreal for over two years. Our shared synergy and values are reflected in projects that are essential for our society’s advancement. We’re grateful that Village Montreal entrusted us to develop messages of compassion and, most importantly, that speak for themselves.”

Luc Du Sault

Partner, Vice-President, Executive Creative Director, LG2 Quebec

An inclusive village with a unifying message

Village Montreal’s wish is to talk positively, constructively and with vision about how to build a better Village – and ultimately a better society – for all. Inclusivity remains at the heart of the organization’s concerns, and making the Village a friendly and welcoming place where every existence is legitimate and protected means taking a stand on issues affecting the 2SLGBTQ+ communities. By positioning itself as the Inclusive District and shortening its name to the Village (formerly the “Gay Village”) to better represent sexual and gender diversity, Village Montreal strives to make everyone feel welcome. This mission was the subject of a video manifesto that also featured Sasha Baga.

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The Société de développement commercial (SDC) Village Montréal represents some 255 businesses located on Ste-Catherine Street East between Berri and Cartier and on Atateken Street between René-Lévesque East and Robin. Its mission is to contribute to the economic transformation and vitality of the Village by promoting diversity, inclusiveness and innovation. Village Montreal is an internationally recognized 2SLGBTQ+ destination, welcoming more than 2 million visitors each year.