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ManchuWOK: the original pre-roll dispensary of 4/20

LG2 and ManchuWOK create the perfect pre-roll pack for 4/20 munchies



ManchuWOK, a Canadian fast food restaurant chain that specializes in Chinese cuisine, teamed up with LG2 to surprise and delight ManchuWOK fans (and munchies enthusiasts) while making themselves part of the conversation on 4/20. Since the spring roll is a staple product offered by ManchuWOK, LG2 came up with the idea to reposition the spring roll as the original pre-roll and ManchuWOK as the original pre-roll dispensary.

Only on April 20th, the original pre-roll is exclusively distributed for free

in downtown Toronto in a custom box that borrows design cues from pre-roll packaging. This stunt will also be supported by stories, reels and in-feed posts on ManchuWOK’s social media.

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“Over the past four years, we’ve created bespoke content for 4/20 from custom memes to delivery billboards. This year, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to remind our fans that ManchuWOK has a pre-roll of our own.”

Lucy Todish

Senior Director of Marketing, ManchuWOK

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“There was a fun thought in the idea of repositioning the spring roll as a pre-roll on 4/20. Our always-on social work for the brand has always been about creating fun, timely, relevant content. The ‘original pre-roll’ is just one more way LG2 helps ManchuWOK stay top-of-mind by continuing to stay top-of-feed.”

Jeff Cheung

Creative Director, LG2

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ManchuWOK is one of the leaders in the Asian quick-service restaurant segment, that offers restaurant quality Chinese cuisine in a quick-service environment. ManchuWOK applies the power of over 40 years’ experience and adds fresh and exciting ideas that keep us ahead of the competition. Our proven track record continues to gain momentum, with over 80 locations across Canada, US and International.