Trevi dives into a new collaboration with LG2

Montreal, March 12, 2024






Trevi plunges into a new integrated communications platform, the result of a close collaboration with LG2. This new partnership marks a significant step in the evolution of communications for the well-established Quebec-based retailer, which has been in business for over 50 years. LG2 contributed its expertise in brand strategy and creative advertising, enabling Trevi to stand out in a competitive market and assert its leadership position in the province's pool and spa market. As a manufacturer of in-ground and above-ground pool products made entirely in Quebec, Trevi has adopted the new tagline Laps ahead, which underscores its new campaign featuring 1,001 possibilities for swimming and landscaping enthusiasts.

"LG2 has highlighted our status as a proud manufacturer-installer. Trevi stands out for its exceptional customer experience, from design to installation, and for its culture of innovation. We are connected to the lives of local people, thanks to our proximity and adaptability, and this is what we aim to demonstrate through our multiple points of contact. Our new platform reflects that, and shows how Trevi celebrates and facilitates precious moments spent with family and friends."

Alain Gravel

Marketing Director, Trevi

"This partnership is a perfect example of how LG2, through its collaborative approach and brand communications expertise, has captured the essence of Trevi and transformed it into a powerful and engaging narrative. The work we've done together goes beyond a simple advertising campaign; it's a strategic overhaul aimed at strengthening the emotional bond between Trevi and its customers, by bringing to the fore a deep understanding of their needs and desires."

Marc-André Fafard

Partner, Principal Strategist and Lead, Branding and Design, LG2


Founded in 1972, Trevi is a Quebec-based company specializing in the design, manufacture, sale, and installation of pools and spas. Well rooted in Quebec for 50 years, Trevi is also known under its banners, Cornelius, Dynasty Spas, Lacus Innovations, Maître Piscinier, Taïga Zone, Trevi Fabrication, and Val-Mar. The company operates 10 corporate stores in Quebec and counts 12 retailers. Trevi even distributes its products in the Calgary area, on the East Coast of the United States and in Europe. Trevi’s products, manufactured and adapted to withstand the winter climate, come from the latest innovation processes in the field. The company is constantly evolving and testing the best products and practices to offer its customers products meeting the strict quality standards that made its reputation.