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For a strong digital footprint worthy of Boréale

“After rethinking our brand identity and packaging, and creating the must-visit Relais Boréale, our digital experience needed to be equally one-of-a-kind.”

Érika Godbout

Director of Marketing and Communications, Les Brasseurs du Nord


Les Brasseurs du Nord (Boréale)


Digital Experience

Pioneers in the Quebec craft beer scene, Boréale wanted to completely redo its website in order to strengthen attachment to its new brand image and allow customers to purchase online.

To stand out from among 200+ microbreweries in Quebec, Les Brasseurs du Nord had to leave the beaten track in terms of creativity to give a broader consumer segment a chance to discover and rediscover the Boréale universe.

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A natural navigation experience

The Boréale polar bear had already made its tracks and established its territory, so the creative and technological challenge was to maintain this powerful visual footprint for stronger digital recognition and coherence.

This led us to propose a digital ecosystem based on an intuitive and natural navigation, defined by a clean artistic direction with animation and striking transitions developed by our team.

Product pages with distinctive flavour

In this digital ecosystem, the product pages confidently show off their colours. Each product in the Classic, Artisan, Épisode and Polar Edition lines enjoys its own unique visual universe that expresses its personality and boreal spirit. As the customer scrolls down the product’s page, they enter deeper into a visually appealing world.

An online Boréale store

To complete the physical brand experience of the Relais Boréale, which allows beer lovers to dive into the Boréale universe in an adjacent space next to the Blainville factory, the same experience had to be recreated digitally.

Customers have access to the same exclusive products on the online Boréale store as they do at the Relais Boréale and can now reserve their beer growlers online for pick-up at the Relais Boréale without having to line up to get their hands on highly sought-after beers.

Boreale Boutique


A pioneer in the Quebec craft beer industry, Les Brasseurs du Nord has been innovating for nearly 30 years. Using an artisanal approach, they produce 100% natural beers, including Quebec’s first-ever red. They launched the Classic line, which adds blonde, white and IPA brew to their red offering; the Artisan series, including ISA des chutes and Saison des plages; and the limited-edition Épisode line of beers.